Garand Thumb: The Tavor X95


A very good look at the IWI Tavorr X95 that is in service in the Israeli Defense Forces by Garand Thumb... "Today we visit the Service Rifle of Israel, the Tavor X95. In many ways a great bullpup and in many ways a bad firearm, there are many odd quirks to this rifle. We delve in depth into this firearm and we hope you enjoy the video."

Special Forces Assaulter On Tavor X95


Something that we want seen in airsoft form, the IWI Tavor X95. Tactical Rifleman's episode on this bullpup rifle features a Special Forces Assaulter giving his take in this compact rifle. This can be used be used with the 5.56mm or 9mm rounds... "The gun that you are seeing in this video is the IWI Tavor X95 rifle chambered in 5.56 NATO.  The Tavor X95 is a gas-operated gun primarily chambered in 5.56 or 9mm. The Tavor X95 is the next generation bullpup from IWI.

Kit Up! IWI X95 Flat Top & GL40 Vids

OptimusPrime's Kit Up! posted last 27 June two videos of IWI products taken during the Eurosatory 2012. The first one is the IWI X95 Flat Top, part of the IWI X95 family and this one gives the performance of the Tavor with interchangeability from 5.56mm to 9mm and giving special ops people to train on a single weapon for multitask operability and combined logistics.

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