Ollie Talks Airsoft: WE G3A3 Broken Nozzle Replacement


Ollie Talks Airsoft deviates from talking about the Tokyo Marui MWS gas blowback and it is about the WE Airsoft G3A3 GBB Rifle and replacing its nozzle when broken. This GBBR is fully licensed from Umarex it has a polymer stock and 20-BB round gas magazine... "Replacing a broken nozzle in the WE G3 - simple as removing 2 pins and replacing them pretty much."

WE Airsoft MSK Review


We get to see gain the WE Airsoft MSK rifle that comes with some upgrades in this review by Lone Wolf Airsoft... "Welcome to the first Weapon Review of the channel!! Today we are reviewing the MSK from WE!

Wolf's Custom Build:

The Hobbyist Artist: WE M4A1 CQBR GBB


The Hobbyist Artist gets to play with his first gas blowback rifle, the M4A1 CQBR Gas Blowback from WE Airsoft... "No more review from out of the box, I'll just gonna shoot it at our Airsoft game site, this Airsoft shoots 420 fps at .20g BBs, I'm using a heavier BBs which is at .25g with a Power (Muzzle Velocity) 387 fps, I really like this gas powered airsoft and recoils like a real steel, planning to upgrade this into Mk18 Mod 0 or GAU-5A."

Delta Says On The WE Airsoft Galaxy GBB Pistol


Turkish reviewer Delta Says got his hands on the WE Airsoft Galaxy G GBB Pistol. As many say, the Galaxy G was released in reaction to the popularity of the Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol. This is a full auto GBB Pistol that has a tubular slide and lower frame that is a Glock-style frame, thus the "G" designation and is part of the series of Galaxy GBB Pistols with lower frames taken from other popular handgun designs.

WE Airsoft Galaxy vs Action Army AAP-01


The Action Army AAP-01 Gas Blowback Pistol took the airsoft world by storm as it has become of the highly customisable gas blowback pistol in the market. WE Airsoft followed suit with the release of their Galaxy G Series to get into this nice that the AAP-01 found. Toronto Airsoft does a comparison of these two gas blowback pistols to help you make an informed decision when purchasing either of these (or both if you have the budget).

Delta Says On The WE Airsoft G19X Gen 5After Two Years


Delta Says gives his take on the WE Airsoft G19X Gen 5 Gas blowback pistol which has has owned for two years now. Available in black and tan, this gas blowback pistol has a metal slide and a polymer lower frame. This uses Green Gas and has a magazine capacity of 24-BB rounds... "Glock 19x Gen5 review, which I have been using for the last 2 years and admired its ergonomics."

Jaeger Precision: WE 17 & 19 Series Gen5 MOS


Two Glock-style gas blowback pistols from WE Airsoft that are optics ready get to be featured in this video from Jaeger Precision... "Taking a look at these two great products. You can find them in stock right now on the Bespoke Airsoft Website!"

Delta Says Reviews The WE Airsoft G17 Titanium GBB Pistol


It looks Delta Says also likes bling as he checks the WE Airsoft G17 Titanium GBB Pistol. It has a metal slide and polymer lower frame. The outer barrel is also metal and it has a trigger-safety mechanism... "The WE Glock 17 Titanium Review, which has caught my attention recently."

Airsoft Czech's WE Airsoft G19 Gen5 GBB Pistol


A quick review by Airsoft Czech, who is happy to use the WE Airsoft Glock 19 Gen 5 Gas Blowback Pistol... "Hello friends, today we will look at the review of the Glock 19 5th Generation from the WE brand. This is my gun and everything I say in the video is completely honest.

I can recommend the gun with a clear conscience."

Oxaba On The WE Airsoft SCAR-L GBB


In this video review, Oxaba says the WE Airsoft SCAR-L GBB is the best SCAR-L GBB in the market. This GBB rifle is available for some time now and it is an open bolt system. It has a metal Upper, as well as the barrel assembly, and the rails. For the Nylon Fibre parts, it is the lower, stock and pistol grip.

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