Can The WE Galaxy G Beat The AAP-01?


In this unboxing video, Pheas Airsoft features the WE Galaxy G Series Gas Blowback Pistol, WE Airsoft's offering as an alternative to the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol... "At long last, I managed to get the time to unbox the WE Galaxy G-Series including FPS, ROF and mag compatibility!

Come and take a look at what I thought to it and how well it performed for me!"

Pheas Airsoft: WE F226 Full Metal GBB Pistol


An unboxing and review of the airsoft version of the SIG P226 handgun by the WE Airsoft, the WE F226 GBB Pistol, as done by Pheas Airsoft... "In this video I am unboxing a brand new WE F226 Rail version. This is a full metal gas blow back pistol from WE.

Many thanks to my friend for letting me make use of this to unbox!"

Rock Bottom Airsoft: WE 1911 MEU GBB Pistol


Rock Bottom Airsoft talks about the WE 1911 MEU Gas Blowback Pistol and why he likes it... "In this video we take a look at my WE 1911 MEU GBB pistol replica. If you've seen my previous video on the pistol elite course at Tazball Airsoft you will have seen it in action."

BB2K Airsoft: WE Airsoft CT25 GBB Pistol


Bruce of BB2K Airsoft takes a look at the compact CT25 Gas Blowback Pistol from WE Airsoft also known as the Cybergun Colt Junior .25 ACP GBB Pistol... "The Colt Junior .25 ACP pistol as gas blowback from WE or Cybergun in caliber 6mm BB.

WE Airsoft Galaxy 1911 GBB Series


Whilst the WE Airsoft Galaxy G GBB Series show a Glock-style lower frame, the Galaxy 1911 GBB Series is obviously with a 1911-style lower frame. As to which you will pick will depend on the ergonomics of the lower frames that you are comfortable with. Here is a quick intro made by WE Airsoft.

WE CT 25 Junior GBB Pistol At Sniper-AS


One the most compact airsoft pistols in the market, the WE Airsoft CT 25 Junior GBB Pistol, is available at Sniper-AS. OnlyGuns does a quick presentation of this pistol in this video... "Simply fits in everywhere, in every hole, in every column. With enough start-up everything goes! The CT 25 Junior from WE. A super cute little airsoft that shouldn't be underestimated. True to the motto: Small, but OHO! With its 0.6 joules, the WE CT 25 Junior even flattens beer cans!

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