0'20 Magazine: APS ASK212 Ghost Patrol


In issue No. 44 of 0'20 Magazine, you can get to read all about the APS ASK212 Ghost Patrol Assault AEG... "This modernized version of the Tactical AK74 Black from APS offers a new possibility with the AK-74.

A rifle that is an updated version of the AKM, its production began in 1974 and it is still being manufactured today, we guess that this is why it is still a very popular model among airsoft and that we can see regularly in the fields.

0'20 Magazine: APS X1 Ultimate GBB Pistol


0'20 Magazine also covers the APS X1 AR-Style Gas Blowback Pistol in Issue 44... "Who has not had an APS in their hands at some point? One of their AEGs, one of their pistols or at least a Thunder B Grenade. This Hong Kong manufacturer surprised us with the performance of its e-Silver Edge GearBox, and with the launch of EMG-licensed brands such as Falkor Defense, F-1 Firearms, Noveske Salient Arms International...

0'20 Magazine: ICS MK18 Daniel Defense AEG


In Issue N0. 44 of 0'20 Magazine, the free to read airsoft magazine, they cover the new ICS MK18 Daniel Defense AEG... "The Mk18 Mod.1 is a rifle developed from the US Navy CQB-R, offering an M4 rifle to special forces operators, but with a much shorter barrel: perfect for carrying in vehicles or fighting inside buildings.

0'20 Magazine Issue No. 42: Fashion Snaps


A selecion of photos taken by SG Fashion Snaps of Japan as published by 0'20 Magazine in issue 42... "Either wearing a tracksuit, a military uniform, dressed like a civilian, like Buzz Lightyear or like William Wallace, in other words, as an AIRSOFTER. We have chosen several ways to gear-up a match, each with its own pros and cons.

0'20 Magazine: Bored Of The Old Guns?


0'20 Magazine features in Issue 42 the latest collaboration between EMG and APS, the APS x EMG F1 Firearms BSF-19 Gas Blowback Pistol... "Thanks to the collaboration between APS and EMG, airsofters can enjoy new models of replica firearms, with the licenses of the prestigious brands that manufacture them for the military or law enforcement units.

0'20 Magazine English Edition Issue No. 43 Now Out


The English edition of the free to read airsoft magazine 0'20 Magazine has issue no. 43 available now... "How are you doing folks?

Here in 0’20 Magazine are glad to share with you (and the airsoft community) the release of the issue #43 of our magazine. As always, FREE! You’ve heard correctly, both printed (distributed through hundreds of airsoft stores in more than 10 countries) and online magazine on click away.

0'20 Magazine: Chest Rig Configuration


In the most recent issue of 0'20 Magazine (Issue 42/EN) they write about configuring a chest rig for airsoft/milsim use... "Let's face it, every airsofter enjoys both playing and preparing the kits. Because when you buy a vest or a chest rig you don't buy just one, but a platform from which you can build as many variants as you can imagine. And that is precisely what we bring you today, different chest rig configurations to offer the best performance in different situations. Which one do you prefer?"

0'20 Magazine: Emerson Gear TIER1 Operator


0'20 Magazine reviews the AOR2 uniform from Emerson Gear as part of their Issue 42 of their English edition... "The AOR2 or Navy Working Uniform Type III is a uniform developed for the US Navy which has gained tremendous popularity thanks to its use by special units such as the SEALs or the DEVGRU.

0'20 Magazine's Ares 308L AEG Review


Included in Issue No. 42 of the English edition of 0'20 Magazine is a review of the Ares Airsoft 308L AEG... "Ares’ 308 series comprises three models, the AR-308S, AR-308M and AR-308L, and today we will focus on the last one.

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