MK23 Carbine 3D Printed Files


For those who want to 3D print the MK23 Carbine 3D Print Files, they can check out Thingverse as they are available and Projec MK13 shows the available parts... "Hello one and all,

So this next bit of content is a totally different style with a screen recording on my iPhone 8 Plus with a voice over.

If you a hobbyist or and enthusiast this should be a good one for you

ESC Works Predator Carbine Kit Unboxing


Airsoft YouTube Channel, Call Your Hits, got one of the ESC Works Predator Carbine Kits to for the MK23 NBB pistol for an unboxing video... "Super unboxing of ESC WORKS "Predator Carbine Kit" for all MK23 platforms! The Predator you will see is a new version in the works with an M4 style stock. In the video I will briefly explain how to install the kit on your gun, obviously leaving you some field tests."

3D-Printed Airsoft Glock Carbine Kit


Radex 141 shows the 3D-Printed Airsoft Glock Carbine Kit for those who want to make their own kit... "This is my remix of the free files on Thingiverse. I spent a few hours remodelling this for my WE G17. After many trikes and error I have got this final product. I need to do some sanding and clean up work but it’s still awesome as it is now and fully functional.

SRC Airsoft M92 Pistol Conversion Kit Quick Look


Bee Stinger Airsoft goes over the SRC Airsoft M92 Pistol Conversion Kit which allows you to have a more stable platform when using the SRC M92 Gas Blowback Pistol. This is available in Japan right now... "Unboxing this SRC Kit to make my handgun into a SMG. Looking forward to using this with full optics and attachments."

AW VX Carbine Kit At Toronto Airsoft


Toronto Airsoft show the finer features of the Armorer Works VX Carbine Kit that they have in stock. This has High strength polymer construction and plug and play installation It also comes with an integrated front sight and adjustable rear sight, folding skeleton stock, and multiple picatinny rail panels for accessories.

Armorer Works Glock Airsoft Carbine Kit


Wotzat Fa does a very video of the Armorer Works Kit for airsoft Glock. This comes with a both front and rear sights, has a folding stock, a 20mm rail system and made for Tokyo Marui, Armorer Works, WE Aisoft, and Army Armament G17 GBB pistols.. "Mine are Tokyo Marui Glock 22 Glock 34, and Glock 17. They all fit. So easy to install, only one screw to remove and the part is in within the kit itself. I like it, I like it a lot."

AMNB Spotlight: AW Custom Carbine Kit


Aryan presents the AW Custom Carbine Kit in the new Airsoft & Milsim News Blog (AMNB) Spotlight Series on YouTube... "The Armorer Works Custom Tactical Carbine kit is a conversion kit for any G series style Airsoft GBB pistol and is available in three colours. With a folding stock and rail abundance, this kit is highly customizable and allows for many applications.

Sanctus Customs Hi-Capa Carbine Kit


Owners of the Hi-Capa Gas Blowback Pistol can rejoice that a carbine conversion kit is available. Retailing for US$80, the Sanctus Customs Hi-Capa Carbine Kit is a 3D-printed design allowing you to have a more stable shooting platform. E House ands Amy go over this in this SpeedSim episode of Gun Gamers... "Today on SpeedSim, E House and Amy go over the Sanctus Customs Hi Capa Carbine Kit."

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