Mach Sakai With The DE Airsoft With Eshooter Kestrel V2


Mach Sakai gets a Double Eagle Aeroknox × Ascend Armory Custom AEG that he replaced with a Kuro AEG motor installed and the Eshooter Kestrel V2 Airsoft ETU for the V2 Gearbox. This ETU seamlessly with standard Tokyo Marui V2 gearbox to give a lightning-fast trigger response and take control of shooting with the downloadable Eshooter app. The app lets you customize the AEG's settings for a personalized gameplay experience.



The gas blowback PTS MEGA ARMS MKM-AR15 is given a closer scrutiny by Mach Sakai. The PTS Mega Arms MKM AR-15 GBBR is a top-of-the-line airsoft replica that combines a lightweight and rigid one-piece upper rail system with realistic design elements for a durable gun that can handle any airsoft battle.

Mach Sakai Revisits The Maruzen MP5K Charger GBB


Having reviewed this 8 years ago, Mach Sakai goes back to check the Maruzen MP5K Charger GBB. Much like many Japanese airsoft guns, it prioritizes lightweight construction with a main body of ABS plastic. However, for durability, key components like the flash hider, magazine, and front sight are crafted from metal.

This SMG delivers a realistic blowback experience with every shot. On full-auto mode, the 30-round magazine lets loose a rapid stream of BBs, perfect for close-quarters combat simulation.

ARES Kar98k Real Wood Museum Grade With ZF39 Scope


Mach Sakai had the opportunity to examine an ARES Kar98k, a museum-grade replica made of real wood, equipped with a ZF39 scope. The scope was expertly installed, enhancing the overall length and weight of the weapon. The Kar98k featured front and rear sights, and the scope added to its precision. The engraving on the weapon added to its authenticity, and the foregrip provided a comfortable hold. He checks if the magazine was designed to fall under its own weight.

Mach Sakai: Tokyo Marui G3A4


Mach Sakai, a renowned reviewer, recently took a look at the rare Tokyo Marui G3A4, a product that is no longer in production. The review begins with an examination of the package and the instructions provided. He then moves on to discuss the overall length and weight of the product, the flash hider, and the front and rear sights. The handguard and charging handle are also evaluated, along with the magazine's ability to fall under its own weight. The selector, grip, and stock are also part of this comprehensive review.

Mach Sakai: CYMA MP5 RIS AEG


Mach Sakai checks out an old timer, the CYMA MP5 RIS AEG. A replica of the MP5 submachine gun with a hard stock. It features RIS rails for attaching accessories like the included vertical grip, and a threaded barrel that lets you customize it with muzzle devices, tracers, or suppressors.

Maruzen CA870 Sawed Off Shotgun Review


Mach Sakai revisits the Maruzen CA870 Sawed-Off Airsoft Shotgun which he reviewed previously. This is a spring-powered replica based on the Remington 870 shotgun. It features a pump-action mechanism that fires a single BB per pump, and has a magazine that holds 40 rounds. The airsoft shotgun is made mostly of polymer with a metal trigger and trigger guard, and has a plastic handguard and pistol grip with wood texture.

Yasuda Works Glock Race Holster Ver.2


Mach Sakai, being a champion practical shooter himself, gets to check the Yasuda Works Glock Race Holster Ver.2 in this video. The Yasuda Works Speed Holster is a 3D printed holster compatible with Glock pistols that is designed to be affordable for speed shooting enthusiasts. Made from PLA resin, it is a cheaper alternative to metal race holsters but may not be as durable under extreme conditions. However, the creator has confirmed its sturdiness through personal use in competitions.

Mach Sakai: King Arms MDT M700 LSS


The gas powered King Arms MDT M700 LSS is reviewd by Mach Sakai in this video. The King Arms MDT LSS Tactical Sniper Rifle is a gas-powered airsoft replica of the M700, officially licensed by Modular Driven Technologies. The rifle boasts a rock-solid CNC-machined aluminum chassis with a unique serial number, a fluted outer barrel, and rails for sights and accessories. It also features an adjustable CAA stock, M4 compatibility for customization, and a magazine for 25 rounds.

Mach Sakai With A Tokyo Marui M4A1 Gas Blowback Rifle


Mach Sakai reviews a classic-looking gas blowback M4A1 rifle equipped with the Tokyo Marui MWS system. The review covers various aspects of the rifle, including its packaging, instructions, overall length, weight, and the method of installing a silencer. Sakai also examines the front and rear sights, handguard, engravings, and charging handle.

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