Jeff The Kid With The RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper


Jeff The Kid equips his SIG P320 GBB Pistol with the RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper kit... "Since I bought RWA EXA Pistol a few years ago, I have been very impressed with the brand of Agency Arms. If there is an audience in the reception room, you should know that my cousin likes Agency Arms very much. So when RWA launched this set of Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper After the slide set, I asked my cousin if we want to make a set together."

RWA B.A.D. AEG In Action


Duke of RedWolf Airsoft UK was at the Enemy Down Airsoft where he brought the RWA B.A.D. AEG for some action... "Playing my first game in the UK at Enemy Down Airsoft. I was attending on behalf of my work (Redwolf Airsoft). First time playing at a proper large-scale woodland site and in the UK, so the experience was very different for me as I'm used to CQB. I was using the RWA B.A.D AEG rifle."

RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Intro


Revanchist Airsoft shows the limited edition RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper in this video. The RWA Agency Arms slide and compensator are constructed from CNC 6063-T3 grade aluminum, while the Agency Premier outer barrel is made from CNC stainless steel. The design is based on a 3D file created by Agency Arms USA and is fully compatible with SIG AIR Proforce P320 series gas airsoft pistols.

New RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Slide Set


Available by today at RedWolf Airsoft is the latest in the RWA and Agency Arms collaboration, the RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Slide Set... "Introducing the RWA Agency Arms P320 Peacekeeper Slide Set, the ultimate upgrade for your SIG AIR Proforce P320 series gas blowback pistols. Engineered to elevate your shooting experience, this slide set combines precision craftsmanship with striking aesthetics to deliver unparalleled performance.

RWA Agency Arms EXA EU-Series GBB Pistol At Patrol Base


A quick review by Stu of the RWA Agency Arms EXA EU-Series GBB Pistol available at Patrol Base... "The RWA Agency Arms EXA Pistol is the first GBB Pistol that RWA has released under the Agency Arms license. Based on the EU-series design but bristling with enhancements, the EXA boasts Agency Arms' EXA hybrid slide cut with aggressive and eye-catching serrations and a mid-line fluted outer barrel for a real looker of a pistol.

Airsix TV: RWA Night Hawk GRP Airsoft Pistol


One of the earlier CO2 blowback pistols released under RWA is RWA Nighthawk GRP Recon that Airsix TV are reviewing. We do love the heavy kick it produces when fired as well how it feels when you hold it... "This video is RWA NIGHTHAWK GRP RECON - STEEL LIMITED EDITION.

Our collective reviews focus on the product itself and focus on products that are difficult to find."

USAirsoft: RWA Agency Arms EXA Unboxing


USAirsoft is the latest airsoft influencer to give his take on the RWA Agency Arms EXA GBB Pistol... "Glocks in Airsoft have been popular since the first day one came to market.
With VFC releasing their own officially licensed model with Umarex, builders have been pushing the platform even harder. That's where RWA and Agency Arms comes into play with the EXA.

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03 Oct 2023

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