Gun Gamers: Everything I Pack For MilSim West


E House shows what he brings to a Milsim West event in this Gun Gamers episode... "In this video, E House goes over everything he's packing for the upcoming MilSim West event Return To Saratov.  Hopefully this long, in depth look at everything he brings out for a 40 hour MilSim event can help you figure out what you need for future events and answer some frequently asked questions!"

DesertFox Explains The Milsim West Revive Procedure


Being "revived" by a medic or team mate in an airsoft game takes different forms as defined by airsoft organisers. In milsim events, they try to mimic real world actions and in this video DesertFox Airsoft explains how one can be revived by a medic or team member when hit during a Milsim West event... "How to properly be revived after your first and second hit at a Milsim West airsoft event.  

First Hit: 'Buddy Aid' - Tourniquet may be applied by anyone except yourself

"Most Immersive Airsoft Experience In The WORLD"


That's what Unicorn Leah describes this event hosted by Milsim West, which is a 40-hour airsoft event that took place in Centerville, WA... "The 'Spartan Race' of the airsoft world; MilSim West provides the most immersive military simulation experience tin the world. In this video, American troops perform a jump in to the night, then a Sniper Observation Team (SnOT) performs a reconnaissance mission in order to find an enemy Forward Operating Base (FOB).

Milsim West Event Cancelled Due To Covid-19 Pandemic


Vipex Airsoft explains why he cannot go to the Milsim West event called "Saratov Insurgency" due to take place this weekend. Eventually Milsim West also decided to cancel this event... "So with news constantly coming out I’ll update the description as quickly as I can. So In this video I go over how the DoD travel ban affected me not going to the MilSim West event this weekend Saratov Insurgency.

Milsim West: Counterstrike Luhansk Video By Unicorn Leah


We get to see a gameplay video of the Milsim West: Counterstrike Luhanks from Unicorn Leah. This event took place last February in Clovis, California... "Force on force airsoft live action role play at Milsim West: Counterstrike Luhansk. This is a 40 hour non-stop airsoft wargame event held in at Hill 559 in Clovis, CA. This is a preview of the upcoming Milsim West: Counterstrike Luhansk series! These events feature the use of blank fire (for effect)."

Gun Gamers On Milsim West's Chechen Collapse & Insurgency Games


Grab drinks and snacks as you are about to watch one of the longest videos at the Gun Gamers YouTube Channel as they discuss a Milsim event they went to... "Eric, Garrett, Stephen, and special guests Connor and Trenton discuss their experiences and stories from MilSim West's Chechen Collapse."

DesertFox Airsoft: Shali Sweep Trailer


Shali Sweep Trailer from DesertFox Airsoft. Organised by Milsim West, this continues with the NATO versus Russia story and was held last 9 November in Camp Shelby, Hattiesburg, Mississippi... "Task Force Mayhem returns to Milsim West for the Shali Sweep. Task Force Mayhem is an airsoft team lead by former and current U.S. Army Rangers."

DesertFox Airsoft: Shali Sweep UNCUT


DesertFox Airsoft posts an unadulterated footage of the Milsim West Shali Sweep. This event is a 40-hour Ranger-themed milsim event. This took place in Camp Shelby in Mississippi last 9-11 November 2018... "Uncut video of Task Force Mayhem, U.S. Army Ranger themed Airsoft team, battling RUSFOR at Milsim West Shali Sweep."

DesertFox Flashpoint Astana Livestream


First time for us to see a Milsim West event livestreamed. DesertFox Airsoft livestreamed the action of the Flashpoint Astana that took place last 26-28 Octobe 2018 at the George Airforce Base in  Victorville, California. The scenario is set Astana, Kazahkstan where NATO and the Russian Federation are engaged in low intensity conflict as the nation is conducting a referendum to join the NATO.

Shali Sweep Company Sized Raid


Another Milsim West event for DesertFox Airsoft to post a video about. In this video, they conduct a company-sized raid during Shali Sweep... "Task Force Mayhem and the rest of the NATO company conduct a night time raid on the Russian held mosque at the southern end of NATO territory. The gun I am using in this airsoft gameplay video is the Elite Force 416A5."

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