"Most Immersive Airsoft Experience In The WORLD"


Unicorn Leah "Most Immersive Airsoft Experience In The WORLD"

That's what Unicorn Leah describes this event hosted by Milsim West, which is a 40-hour airsoft event that took place in Centerville, WA... "The 'Spartan Race' of the airsoft world; MilSim West provides the most immersive military simulation experience tin the world. In this video, American troops perform a jump in to the night, then a Sniper Observation Team (SnOT) performs a reconnaissance mission in order to find an enemy Forward Operating Base (FOB).

Afterwards, a battle ensues against Russian forces resulting in a victory for the American troops.

This is a 40-hour immersive airsoft game that takes place in Centerville, WA. Many of the cadre are veteran and active duty members of American Special Forces units."

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12 Aug 2020

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