Gatorz Cerakote Wraptor Eyewear


New release from Gatorz is the Cerakote Wraptor Eyewear designed to for any fit... "The Wraptor features a medium size, wrap style fit. With a tighter wrap than the Magnum, this style is popular with skydivers, bikers, runners, and anyone looking for a close fitting, comfortable frame. A Gatorz original, the Wraptor looks great on any face shape, especially those looking for a smaller fit.

REAPERs Airsoft: Applying Cerakote Coating


This video shows Reapers Airsoft applying Cerakote Coating on a VFC Glock, an E&C Honey Badger and the A&K Masada AEG... "Hi folks, in this video I visit Cedric and we apply a Cerakote coating together. If you want to paint Cerakote yourself and have the necessary equipment, pay attention to all safety equipment and safety instructions! Cerakote is harmful to health."

EMG-SI Tactical Competition MWS Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle w/ Cerakote


This new and already in stock EMG Strike Industries Tactical Competition MWS System Gas Blowback Airsoft Rifle w/ Cerakote is now available to order at and it will eat up your Christmas shopping budget... "The EMG Strike Industries Tactical Competition Rifle series of gas blowback airsoft rifles is a combination of every one of Strike Industries' best aftermarket parts on top of the popular Tokyo Marui MWS system.

Krytac Alpha SDP w/ Black Sheep Arms P-51 Mustang Custom Cerakote


More on the Black Sheep Custom Cerakote services available at In this case they have gone ahead for a ready to purchase Krytac Alpha SDP AEG with the P-51 Mustang look... "Black Sheep Arms is an industry leader in Cerakote services who is now offering Cerakoting for Airsoft products. They've given some of our most popular products a stunning makeover which accents all the fine details of each item.

Cerakoted Gold RWA NightHawk GRP Recon


One of the more coveted airsoft pistols just got even more coveted with the magic of the Airsoft Surgeon. At Bang Bang Big Boys Store right now is the Cerakoted Gold RWA NightHawk GRP Recon. Made of CNC Steel and CO2-powered, this airsoft pistol is a collectible with the details painstainkingly done, making it to be admired. Performance is really good with crisp blowback action and heavy kick.

How To Cerakote At Home Part 1


Bespoke Airsoft puts up a guide for those who want to do Cerakote on their airsoft guns themselves rather than availing of services offered by custom airsoft gun makers... "Can you Cerakote at home. Short answer yes you can of course but how easy is it to do and what equipment is essential?

Find out in this two part series. Couldnt find any informative videos from UK users so decided to make a guide."

Evike: Black Sheep Arms Cerakote Service

OptimusPrime are taking orders for custom Cerakote service for your airsoft guns to be done by Black Sheep Arms... "One of our favorite Cerakote themes from the guys at Black Sheep Arms! This Krytac Trident 47 SPR AEG features the gorgeous Krytac billet style aluminum receiver, a Defiance TR213 M-LOK rail, their 8mm ball bearing bushing gearbox with inline MOSFET....oh, and an awesome custom Cerakote paint job!!!

Want to get your own Airsoft pistol or rifle finished in an Awesome Black Sheep Arms Cerakote paint job?

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