US$5,000 Airsoft Unboxing


Something for most of us to dream of, USAirsoft does an unboxing video of airsoft guns that when putting all their costs together, runs up to around US$5,000.00. Watch the video to find out what the contents are... "My last $4,000 airsoft unboxing needed to be topped so here we go thanks to Evike and Arcturus! This is my MASSIVE $5,000 Airsoft Unboxing!"

Airsoft Call Of Duty Porters Ray Gun


USAirsoft spotted an airsoft gun based on the Porters Ray Gun from Call of Duty in action during a game... "If you put a Call of Duty Zombies inspired replica in my line of sight be that a Porters Ray Gun, a Wunderwaffe DG-2, or you somehow figure out how to make an elemental staff, I'll make a video with it!

Thank you, Josh, for being awesome and showing your Ray Gun to me, it was awesome!"

USAirsoft's 10 Airsoft Tips & Tricks


Better watch and listen carefully if you want to learn about these trips and tricks from USAirsoft... "There are a lot of little ways we can improve the airsoft experience either by packing one or two extra items or by making use of that big plastic tub in your garage or storage unit. I've talked with so many players and I've learned so many tricks that I can't wait to share with you and I want to hear your tips and tricks."

USAirsoft: Airsoft Phalanx CIWS


USAirsoft also reports on the Airsoft Phalanx CIWS that uses the CAW Minigun as base gun and made by the maker of the Kuratas Mechbot... "Sooooo is someone gonna make an airsoft M1 Abrams tank next? This is the most insane thing I've ever seen in airsoft and to think that its builder, Kogoro, thinks of it as some play thing.

USAirsoft's Airsoft97 Japanese Store Tour


More on USAirsoft's Japanese trip last year and he brings his viewers to take look inside the Airsoft 97 store in this video... "I fell in love with Airsoft97 as soon as I walked through the doors. This place had so much in such a small area and I love that! They make use of every inch of space here to give customers as many options as possible to get into the game and stay in the game and for this video, Maydaysan Airsoft and I will show you around Airsoft97.

USAirsoft: 5 Things Broke Airsofters Do


Probably many of us in the airsoft community are broke just keeping up with the gear and airsoft guns collections. So what do we do when we are broke? Watch USAirsoft talk about the 5 things we do when we have a big hole in our pocket... "What are 5 things that only broke airsofters do, I bet you can think of dozens right? 
We see some goofy stuff in the game of airsoft and I'm ready to put some of that stuff on blast.

USAirsoft's $1,200 Loadout


USAirsoft is loaded. That is, having a loadout worth US$1,200. Watch the video as he talks about it... "So are you ready to finally see my new $1,200+ airsoft loadout? I've been gathering new gear for a while but Evike helped me finally complete my new kit that has been making a few people uncomfortable when I'm on the field.

Let me show you all the pieces that make my new special loadout what it is." Sponsors USAirsoft


USAirsoft announces that the has started sponsoring his channel... "What a ride we've been on. I never thought we'd get to this point but after a lot of filming, editing, posting, and sharing, we can officially say that USAirsoft is now sponsored by Evike.

USAirsoft: An Airsoft Gun In Mountain Dew For A Week


Well, that will be one sticky, sugar coated airsoft gun. But will it work again? USAirsoft got this video for you... "So can a tub of Mountain Dew dissolve an Airsoft Gun? Probably not but will it work after a whole week in that tub? For 7 days USAirsoft left a G&G Armament CMF16 Combat Machine in a disgusting mess of Mountain Dew soda just to see if it would work and the results were surprising. Will the talented techs at Umbrella Armory be able to fix our Dew-Machine?

USAirsoft: Tanaka PM63/WZ63 RAK


USAirsoft get his hands on what he says to be the weirdest airsoft he gun he has seen during his visit to Japan last year, the rare Tanaka PM63/WZ63 RAK... "The Tanaka PM63 or WZ63 has become a legendary piece of airsoft history, that is if you even know about its existence or even the PM63's existence. You can call this unique, rare, classic, weird, or anything else like that, you'd be right.

This is a 30 year old Tanaka Gas Blowback with a shelf life.

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