Is The G&G ESG-10 Shotgun Overpowered?


USAirsoft checks out a prototype of the G&G ESG-10 Shotgun to give his first impressions... "The prototype G&G Armament showed me of their new ESG-10 may look ugly to some people especially in its bullpup form but a gas powered semi auto airsoft shotgun with a selector that lets you pick from either 5 shots or 10 shots per trigger pull is amazing, to say the least.

2023 Airsoft Tier List Podcast


Sharpen those knives as we probably will be going to be having a bloody debate about this tier list of airsoft manufacturers courtesy of Defrowe Airsoft and USAirsoft... "One of the most famous Airsoft Youtubers in the world, Scott Hallenbeck from @USAirsoft  joins us today to rank all the Airsoft manufactures so you know which replica to buy next.

"Why This Airsoft Gun Is Worth $600"


USAirsoft makes the case for the Arcturus PP19 Vityaz PE why its build and performance justifies its price... "The new limited edition Arctururs PP19s have been an amazing treat to review and test these past 4 months. Even with their high end prices, I'll say they're easily worth every penny, even the $600 SP1 Carbine is worth it to me.

USAirsoft: Top 10 Custom Airsoft Gas Blowbacks


Another top 10 list from USAirsoft with assistance from his viewers and friends covering gas blowbacks... "Gas blowbacks are getting a lot of love in the airsoft community lately so it was about time we put together a new Top 10 for all the GBB owners out there! For this episode, we have Uzis, HiCapas, AKs, and a really special Pulse Rifle you have to see.

Thank you so much to the Airsoft Heretics Group and Heavy Recoil Club Discussion Group for hosting the two most popular submission polls!"

USAirsoft On The Krytac KRISS Vector GBB


USAirsoft does some explaining and debunking in this episode covering the new Krytac KRISS Vector GBB SMG... "The announcement of the new gas blowback Krytac Kriss Vector has everyone talking about facts and stats they really don't know about so let me settle the disputes and clear up some misinformation by actually asking Krytac for myself the questions the community has been asking.

Keep in mind that the gas blowback Vector you see in this video was a prototype and not the full release model."

USAirsoft Recommends Specna Arms To Everyone


An endorsement by USAirsoft on why airsoft players consider an Specna Arms AEG when looking for an airsoft gun... "I've been hearing about Specna Arms nonstop since their rise throughout Europe so I finally caved and asked Specna for a model to look at.

What I didn't expect was to be sent 5 Specna Arms models all at once!

This allows me to finally look at their offerings from the unboxing to their performance traits and go figure, it's not all sunshine and rainbows.

USAirsoft Top 8 Custom Airsoft AKs


Another list by USAirsoft as assisted by his viewers, showing his top 8 custom airsoft AK rifles... "A great return to The Airsoft Tops Series! I love making these episodes especially when so many airsofters from around the world tell me that this series has influenced their own setups.

This time we take another look at some of the greatest Airsoft AKs from post apocalypse builds,  MilSim ready tactical AKs, and even possibly the "realest" Airsoft setup ever shown on this series all together.

Thousand Dollar Hephaestus GHK HTS-14 Groza


USAirsoft features an expensive Hephaestus GHK HTS-14 Groza Gas Blowback Rifle in this episode... "Meet Josh, also known as @halfspeedhalfsim on Instagram has one of the best airsoft collections you'll ever see and this is just a small taste of it. Let's introduce Josh's favorite replicas, the Hephaestus GHK HTS-14 Groza.

They both have a story attached so let's hear him out."

USAirsoft On The RWA Battle Arms Development 556-LW AEG


USAirsoft gives his take on the RWA Battle Arms Development 556-LW AEG which he uses is a good contender for an excellent primary in CQB game... "The RWA Battle Arms Development series of AEGs is yet another proud release by RWA that I've had the pleasure to put through its paces.

Of course, mine is a little different from most out there but I shall do my very best to go over every part as fairly as possible.

US$5,000 Airsoft Unboxing


Something for most of us to dream of, USAirsoft does an unboxing video of airsoft guns that when putting all their costs together, runs up to around US$5,000.00. Watch the video to find out what the contents are... "My last $4,000 airsoft unboxing needed to be topped so here we go thanks to Evike and Arcturus! This is my MASSIVE $5,000 Airsoft Unboxing!"

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