Nonocat: Krytac EMG Barrett Rec7 SBR AEG


Our favourite Kiwi, Nonocat, is back with her latest video review covering the Krytac EMG Barrett Rec7 SBR AEG... "The newest addition to the Krytac line is the Barrett REC7 AEG, licensed by EMG International and Nonocat will taking us through a pretty straight forward review of this relatively simple (Another M4...) but amazing Electric Airsoft marker.

Putting A Krytac Hop Up Into A G&G FN2000


Watch the result of putting a Krytac Hop-Up unit into the G&G FN2000 which what JedBedrock exactly did... "Hello everyone and welcome back to another airsoft video. In this video, I install a Krytac hop up into my G&G FN2000. The FN2000 uses a special hop up. I modified a Krytac hop up to fit into the gun. it now shoots on par with my Trident MKII."

Krytac Trident PDW-M At Land Warrior Airsoft


The new Krytac Trident PDW-M AEG is in stock and available in different colours at Land Warrior Airsoft... "These last few weeks have been mad for LWA, we certainly hit the ground running for our store re-opening and then getting in a HUGE shipment from Krytac, including a world exclusive grab at their new PDW-M range!

Krytac Trident 47 CRB AEG Shooting Review


Available in Japan since 2018 via Laylax, the Krytac Trident 47 CRB, comes with the integrated MOSFET and 8mm ball bearing Nautilus Mechbox. Other feature are easy spring access, padded cylinder heard, adjustable rotary hop-up and fully ambidextrous operation. PPC Airsoft checks out its performance in this shooting review.

Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger


Ryan of Laylax got to drop this latest product from Laylax that will be available versy soon for Krytac KRISS Vector AEG owners, the Prometheus Krytac KRISS Vector Custom Trigger... "Hello LayLax fans and airsoft nation folk, LayLax Rai here. This time we have both a cosmetic and quality of life custom part for your beloved Krytac Kriss Vector. Our new Prometheus fully adjustable custom Vector trigger gives your Kriss Vector a greater edge on the field.

EMG Krytac Barrett REC7 DI AEG


A quick look at the the EMG Krytac Barrett REC7 DI AEG available now at "Barrett Firearms, the innovators that brought us the first semi-automatic, .50 BMG shoulder fired anti-material rifle has been making quality firearms for over 30 years. The level of detail, craftsmanship, and innovation that goes into each Barrett firearm is a testament to their passion for what they do.

Krytac Dual Sector Build Overview


The Real Deal Airsoft gives an overview of this Krytac Dual Sector Gear (DSG) video which can give those unfamiliar with DSG an understanding on why it is done... "You may have seen this Krytac DSG (Dual Sector Gear) Build on my instagram. A lot of people have been asking me what parts are inside so this video will address that.

KRYTAC Trident MK2 PDW At Airsoft Pro


Turgay "The Turkish Guy" Dansik of Airsoft Pro features the KRYTAC Trident MK2 PDW AEG that they are carrying at their store. This is equipped with the M-Lok System from Defiance and is fully ambidextrous in operation. Other parts are also licende from Defiance and the gearbox comes with integrated MOSFET, 8mm bearing bushing, T-Plug with Tamiya Adaptor, and quick spring change.

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