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Weekend news from LCT Airsoft is about their LCK Forward Optical Rail System. Available in three lengths: 176mm (PK-228), 146mm (PK-229) and 118.5mm (PK-357). For owners of the LCT Airsoft AEGs, they can check if their AEGs which either are LCK and TX series will be able to use any of these.

LCT Airsoft LCK Forward Optical Rail System


Three new styles of the LCK Forward Optical Rail System from LCT Airsoft. The PK-228 is made for the LCK74 series; the PK-229 for the TX-5 and AMD-65; and the PK-357 for the LCKS74UN series. They also got PK-349 and the ZRK-3S slim pistol grips. Owners of these LCT AEGs can check with their retailers if they already have these in stock.

LCT AK Forward Optical Rail System


Airsoft distributors and resellers can now contact LCT Airsoft as they have a new release called the AK Forward Optical Rail System. As indicated by the product name itself, this allows you to install a top rail system on AK airsoft guns so you can install weapons accessories, especially aiming devices. This will mainly fit LCT Airsoft AKs but there are some GHK GBB models that can be fitted on with this.

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