18th Century "Flintlock" Pirate Pistol Airsoft Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse takes an airsoft flintlock pirate pistol to the Operation Bonestrike that was hosted by Third Coast Airsoft. The location is the Our Lady of Mercy Hospital which is an abandoned hospital located in Vicksburg, Mississippi. Would he be able to put up a fight against the more modern airsoft guns?

14 vs 50 Defend The Helicopter Game


Outnumbered but never outgunned? Let's watch this video from ModeCharlie in which they try to defend a chopper against an assault group of 50 players... "With half an hour left in the day the marshals at West Midlands Airsoft chose a squad of 14 to defend the helo against to 50 or so players who hadn't started packing up.

With 9 lives and a COVID safe medic rule, are we successful in defending the helo?"

USAirsoft: What A 100 Player Airsoft Game Is Like


USAirsoft goes to SOCAL to get in the thick of the fight of 100-player airsoft game... "What a relaxed trip to SoCal. Technically I went to SC Village before Wildlands but both fields were just chill. I got all my footage for this video in about 2 hours so I more or less used the rest of the day to take photos and give away like, a dozen Arizona cans. The staff were happy to have me and a met a lot of kind fans. Just another great day in airsoft for me.

NODE Airsoft Game: 2v2 Assassins


NODE always comes out with new game ideas to space things up at the airsoft game site. This time it's called "2v2 Assassins" wherein there is one dummy knife and one airsoft gun per team... "The Crew gets into some 2 vs. 2 assassin battles where you need to first build your weapon before you can attack."

Most Badass Epic Gameplay 2019 Rewind


As we slowly move into the 2020, we reminisce the good (and the bad?) times we had, including the airsoft games and events we've been to. Other airsoft players have their own footage of the games to show what they did in the past year. For Spartan117gw, he put together what he calls the most badass airsoft gameplay he had for the year.

SpeedQB: LTD Airsoft vs SOAS Match


Getting into SpeedQB requires you to have a team and at the same time be able to practice tactics in a game. Watching matches on YouTube way is one way so you can analyse and adopt tactics that can help your team a match, Here is one game posted by SpeedQB... "LTD vs SOAS.  This match up was in the first round (Round Robin) of the 2019 Los Angeles season opener at Project N1 on July 28th.

PolarStar LMG Air Support Gameplay


Airsoft Alfonse brings destruction from above as he goes into action armed with a custom A&K MK46 AEG that comes equipped with a PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine HPA kit. He goes into a chopper gun run at Operation Overwatchh 5 that was hosted by DoomsDay Airsoft and took place in Immokalee, Florida.

Airsoft Caroline: Take `Em All Gameplay


Airsoft Caroline is back with a new gameplay video she calls "Take `Em All". Watch to see if she gets takes them all away or she gets taken instead... "I'm baack, and I'm sorry for the delay. I promissed you this video a few weeks ago. BUT! Let's focus on the positive, it's up. now :D Great!

Hope you will enjoy. I sure did while I was playing.

Code Red Airsoft Park Gameplay Aerial View


Amazing aerial footage of the Code Red Airsoft Park taken from a drone. It looks even better with a game taking place below... "Here is a birds-eye view of our park and some gameplay that one of our customers did for us sept 2 2018 it came out great. So video credit goes to Herman Scholtz.

"So Funny Almost Wet My Pants"


DesertFox Airsoft found a funny moment playing Trouble In Terrorist Town with the big personalities in airsoft... "Absolutely the most funny round of Trouble in Terrorist Town Airsoft I have ever played. Always a funny time playing Trouble in Terrorist Town Airsoft with NODE, Corridor Digital, Evike Matt, Tim from Krytac, Unicorn Leah and Alex from StresslevelZero."

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