Umbrella Armory Suffers Setback After Break-In, Asks Airsoft Community For Support


Umbrella Armory Patch

Umbrella Armory, a local store known for its high-quality custom airsoft rifles and dedication to the community, recently faced a significant setback after being burglarized on February 23rd, 2024. This setback threatens the viability of the business forcing them to turn to the airsoft community for support.

While acknowledging their premium price points, the store emphasizes the exceptional quality and customization offered in each build. They also pride themselves on exceptional customer service, including comprehensive warranties and discounted repairs, even for second-hand purchases.

Operating on a narrow profit margin and catering to a passionate niche market, Umbrella Armory has remained committed to fostering the local airsoft community. However, the recent burglary has dealt a significant blow to their operations.

Umbrella Armory Break-In

Perpetrators, driving a white Mercedes sedan, stole a variety of items, including finished and stock airsoft rifles, display guns, and various parts. The incident also caused damage to the store's entrance, further straining their financial resources.

The burglary directly impacted the store's three main persons, Mina, Jordan, and Ben, who have faced reduced working hours and financial strain due to a significant decrease in income.

Umbrella Armory GoFundMe

Despite this hardship, Umbrella Armory remains dedicated to serving the airsoft community. They are seeking public support, including financial contributions via GoFundMe and online purchases through their website. Any form of assistance is greatly appreciated as they strive to recover from this unfortunate event.

Finally, the store expresses sincere gratitude to those who have offered support and well wishes during this challenging time.

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