The Walther Arms PDP Professional ACRO Is Now Available To Civilians


Walther Arms PDP Professional ACRO

Walther Arms has recently made an announcement that is good news for firearms enthusiasts: the PDP Professional ACRO pistol, a coveted 9mm weapon previously reserved for law enforcement, is now available to the public. This release comes in response to the overwhelming demand from consumers eager to get their hands on this high-performance firearm.

The PDP Professional ACRO pistol stands out for its unique feature: a slide that is directly milled to accommodate the Aimpoint ACRO P-2 red-dot sight. Walther asserts that this integration delivers unmatched reliability and precision. Additionally, the pistol is equipped with tritium three-dot night sights, providing dependable target acquisition even in low-light conditions.

Walther Arms PDP Professional ACRO 02

The Professional ACRO model is built upon the reliable Walther PDP platform and incorporates a red-dot sight for a crystal-clear and precise aiming experience. The slide has been expertly crafted to integrate smoothly with the Aimpoint ACRO optic, forming a unified and efficient system.

This model boasts a 4.5-inch barrel with a 1:10 twist rate, a design decision that enhances the pistol's performance and accuracy with each discharge.

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“The PDP PRO-ACRO represents the pinnacle of self-defense firearms technology,” said Jens Krogh, vice president of marketing and product development at Walther Arms, Inc. “We are thrilled to bring this groundbreaking firearm to the civilian market now, thus empowering individuals to achieve unparalleled performance and confidence in any self-defense scenario.”

Walther Arms PDP Professional ACRO 05

A standout feature of the PDP Professional ACRO is the Aimpoint ACRO red-dot sight, renowned for its remarkable five-year battery life powered by a single CR-2032 battery. This long-lasting and reliable sight is a significant advantage for the user.

The pistol's design includes a flared magwell and extended base pads on the magazines for improved handling and swift reloading. The flared magwell aids in smoother magazine changes, and the extended base pads enhance grip and control. The pistol, finished in black, is supplied with three 18-round magazines. Despite its comprehensive features, it maintains a compact size with an 8-inch overall length and a weight of 27.5 ounces when unloaded, making it suitable for daily carry.

Walther Arms PDP Professional ACRO 06

The trigger system of the PDP Professional ACRO is engineered for consistency and precision, ensuring accurate firing, particularly in rapid-fire or critical scenarios. This design feature boosts the shooter's confidence while emphasizing safety.

Now available at authorized Walther dealers, the PDP Professional ACRO pistol comes pre-installed with the ACRO red dot sight. Priced at US$1,599, it offers a comprehensive set of features for those in pursuit of superior performance and reliability.

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