We Declare W.A.R.!!!


Hold your horses! Before you start pulling out all your AEGs and pistols and point them at us, we are declaring the World Airsoft Registry (W.A.R.) project now open. We thought about this to be able to compile and learn the number of active airsoft teams around the world and put this information into one e-book. Sort of like your school yearbook minus the freckles, braces, and retainers. No prom queens included too.

Masterchief is in charge of this project so you can submit to him your team profile, logos and photos for us to ready for W.A.R. All photos and logos should be in high resolution, at 300 dpi in .TIF/JPG/PNG formats. You can also submit a 10-15 second video in MPEG4 format if you want to send greetings.

How will submit your team details to us? Well, all you need to do is download this form:

Popular Airsoft W.A.R. form

Fill it up and email it together with the photos, your team logo and video to Masterchief at [email protected] (it has 7GB of space so it's more than adequate than our own internal email quota). Deadline for submissions will be on the 15th of November 2008 and release will be by the start of 2009.

Hopefully, you submit your photos with your team in their best Sunday dress.

Now, let's see how many active airsoft teams there are around the world. Your guess will be as good as ours.

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