We’re On The Second Week Of Nominations! Keep Sending Them In!


10 APCA Nomination Period Second Week

We have already received thousands of nominations for the various categories of the 10th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, but that’s still a small number based on the history of the awards. Better keep those nominations coming in as the more nominations that your favourites get, the better chances for them to get into the Finals/Voting Period. You better work harder as the weeks get tighter to get those nominations.

Remember, the deadline is on the 29th of December 2019, 2400H PST.

If you want to nominate immediately, click the button below to start nominating:

10 APCA Nominate Button

There are 25 categories for you to submit nominees. We suggest that you make your list first  before nominating copy the list below then write your nominees after each category until you complete your list:

  1. Best Airsoft Retailer for North America
  2. Best Airsoft Retailer for Europe
  3. Best Airsoft Retailer for Asia
  4. Best Gear Retailer for North America
  5. Best Gear Retailer for Europe
  6. Best Gear Retailer for Asia
  7. Best Airsoft Magazine (Print or Digital)
  8. Best English Language Airsoft News Website
  9. Best Non-English Language Airsoft News Website
  10. Best Airsoft Blog (Regardless of Language)
  11. Best Airsoft Community/Forum
  12. Best Airsoft Video Posted Online in 2019
  13. Best Airsoft Event (Over 500 Players)
  14. Best Airsoft Podcast or Video Channel
  15. Best Airsoft Upgrade/Parts Maker
  16. Best Airsoft KABOOM (Grenade/Mine/Mortar/Rocket/Pyro) Maker
  17. Best HPA Airsoft Engine
  18. Best Airsoft Pistol
  19. Best Airsoft Gas Blowback Rifle
  20. Best Airsoft Shotgun
  21. Best Airsoft Sniper Rifle
  22. Best Airsoft Automatic Electric Gun (AEG)
  23. Best Airsoft Manufacturer
  24. Special Airsoft Player Award (Male)
  25. Special Airsoft Player Award (Female)


10 APCA Main Presenter Tokyo Marui

Please remember these dates so you can follow the award process properly:

Nomination Period
25 November - 29 December 2019

Voting Period
6 January - 3 February 2020

Winner Announcement
10 February 2020

Airsoft Meetup
IWA Outdoor Classics 2020
8 March 2020

10 APCA Gold Sponsors

10 APCA Military 1st

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10 APCA Airsoftjunkiez

10 APCA RedWolf Airsoft

10 APCA TAGInn/Battle Arena

10 APCA Evike.com


10 APCA Laylax


10 APCA Silver Sponsor10 APCA ICS10 APCA Bronze Sponsors
10 APCA Silverback Airsoft


10 APCA Helikon-Tex

10 APCA OneTigris

Please do take time to click on the logos of the sponsors for the awards. With their valuable support, we are able to hold the awards each year. By clicking on the logos you get to visit their websites for you to learn more about the companies and their products.

Make the 10th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards great! Nominate your favourites now!

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