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Airsoft Medicine April 2012 Podcast On Airsoft Legislation

Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry of Airsoft Medicine

In this latest episode of the Airsoft Medicine Podcast as hosted by Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry discuss extensively the proposed laws regulating or banning airsoft outright in certain locations around the United States, with California, Oregon, Minnesota, and New Jersey as being the hotspots. Rather than placing their latest podcast in the regular news, anything that concerns airsoft safety and laws gets our full attention and a feature section position.

This is a highly recommended episode for everyone to listen to, whether you're from the USA or not, as the talking points about banning or regulating airsoft are just similar, it's all about safety and law enforcement --- kids running around in public places with replica firearms shooting at each other with disregard to their own and the others' safety; and criminals using airsoft guns to pull off robberies.

There are also two things that make the airsoft legislation muddled:

  1. Legislation that tend to go to the extreme without their proponents understanding what airsoft is all about and usually without consultations with the airsoft community, players and businesses alike; and
  2. Parents who do not have an adequate understanding of airsoft, and just buying airsoft guns for their kids, without explaining to them how and where to use them, which we can simply equate to irresponsibility and lack of common sense. With kids running all over the neighbourhood rather than getting into designation airsoft and paintball parks, most of the incidents mentioned by lawmakers are about kids with airsoft guns being killed by police officers.

(Photo above: Police meeting kids at Baker Park after parents reported them to 911 for playing with airsoft guns as writte nby Max Gersh on his Gersh Photo Post Blog "A Weekend of Guns")

No matter how we ask people to treat airsoft guns like firearms, there will be those who will fall through the cracks all in the name of commerce. Some sellers will not mind as long as they make a buck, and just leave it up to the buyer to just find out how airsoft guns should be used... and always through a very hard lesson.

I am getting ahead of this, and would rather have you listen to the podcast. Perhaps you may get tired of these constant reminders about airsoft safety, but not us, nor the the Dr. Airsoft and Rangemaster Larry. This is one of the better episodes of the Airsoft Medicine Podcast as it touches on the never-ending issue of our sport and that is its legal ramifications.

You can listen now here. Just scrolldown to the bottom of the page and click on the "Legisl810" episode.

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