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Airsoft Safety Foundation Rallying Supporters Against SB 199

Airsoft Safety Foundation: STOP SB 199

The lines are now being drawn in the campaign against California SB 199 as it goes through the second phase in the legislative process: in the State Assembly. The California State Senate has already approved SB 199 and it needs to be passed by the State Assembly before it will be signed as a law (or amendment to an existing law) or vetoed by Governor Jerry Brown.

SB 199 has already passed First Reading in the State Assembly and is now "Held at Desk" which means that it is not yet referred to a Committee or no scheduled State Assembly Floor action yet; but the assumption is that it will be referred to the Committee on Public Safety which is already a very familiar committee to those who are monitoring proposed regulations on airsoft and BB devices in California in recent years.

While the bill is "Held at Desk", it gives breathing room to those involved in the campaign against SB 199 which is being spearheaded by the Airsoft Safety Foundation. For those who have been wondering as to where their campaign right now is, it's now in the consolidation phase as reflected in their latest statement posted at the ASF Facebook Page:

The ASF is working hard gathering the industry forces, consolidating our resources, funding our lobbyists in amending SB-199 to achieve true education of safety in the state of California. We are in need of funding, please urge all your favorite retailers to join our cause and forces. This is a battle for the Airsoft industry. ASF is a non-profit organization with no individuals on payroll, every dime goes into the effort. It is made possible by the industry leaders who care about the sport, the hobby, who stands behind Airsoft, believe in our industry and fans.

This means not only those who are involved in the airsoft business which will be working to raise fund and help rally the troops against SB 199. They are calling for each and every California airsoft player to pitch in, especially in funding as the ASF will be engaging the services of the lobbyists again to be effective in their campaign against SB 199. also announced that they will be matching donations to the ASF SB 199 Campaign by those who ordered products from them:

For over 13 years, the Airsoft Nation have been protecting our hobby and sport from unwanted legislation. We believe, with proper education, procedures and leadership, Airsoft can remain the safest sport and hobby among all generating amazing bonding experiences and outdoor activities for families and friends.

We cannot do it all by ourselves! The industry needs your support! We are aiming to fully establish and self-fund an entity and organization that will in long-term, defend the industry and all of your interest. We are at the very early stage of this project, all donations are 100% optional and your support is greatly appreciated!

What are we doing today in 2014 with your donation?

100% of your donation will go towards our current lobbying effort protecting your rights costing us over $16,000 a month. On top of that, for every $1 you donate, will match it 100%, on top of our existing funding already going into the effort. Please bear with us in our early stage of the this long term establishment.

We firmly believe by regulating all Airsoft guns to be neon color, it will:

  • Create a false sense of security, we should treat all Airsoft products seriously and respect our surroundings.
  • Law enforcements will not know how to react, in the event of any individual violating the law and brandishing a replica firearm (or a real fire-arm colored) in public. (Existing law says It is illegal to brandish a replica firearm in public period.)
  • We want to establish a system and procedure requiring all buyers to understand existing law, so no one is at risk while enjoying the sport of Airsoft.
  • We want to make certain common senses into a law. Such as rifle bag requirement, orange tip requirements to access a gaming field.

We are looking to establish a education system, a "common sense" requirement for resellers and to present the " right way" of selling Airsoft to prevent irresponsible resellers from ruining our sport.

Even with the campaign funding being taken care of, they will need warm bodies to help in talking to the State Assembly members and the members of the Committee to which SB 199 will be referred to.  This will entail calling, emailing, writing letters, and getting competent and credible resource speakers to speak on  behalf of the industry and community.

The question is not when these are needed, it is now a matter of everybody in California concerned with stopping SB 199 to act now to show a coherent and formidable opposition to SB 199.

The campaign against SB 798 should serve as a blueprint for the campaign against SB 199 as there was actually a ground campaign by the airsoft community. However, the campaign this time should be more sustained that Senator De Leon will have either have to stop his campaign against airsoft and BB devices (and pandering to the Paintball industry) or sit down with the airsoft community to come up with a win-win situation.