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ANA Visual Campaign To Make You Wear Proper Eye Protection

ANA Visual Campaign 2011

You have to give it to the French, they surely know how to get your attention. ANA  (Association de Normalisation de l'Airsoft or Association for Airsoft Normalisation) have an ongoing campaign to ensure that airsoft players wear the proper eyewear protection. And they do have some, eherm, visually compelling posters to make you wear that protection.

What ANA wants in terms of players wearing eyewear protection when playing airsoft, is that these protective eyewear should be compliant to international standards. They have made a document called "Safety Standards and Protective Eyewear" which we have covered here last 08 November 2010. ANA also made a list of certified eyewear that can meet Milspec and ANSI standards, and should be a great reference point before buying anything that just claims to meet standards without actually showing any certification from standards bodies.

In this light, ANA also made an educational campaign for you to understand what eyewear standards are, and in a way that would surely catch your attention. Since January 2011, ANA has been releasing posters per month, using four models: Laetitia, Cecile, Rebecca, and Laura, wearing eyewear protection that conform to safety standards. As to what they are wearing apart from the eyewear, we'll just leave it to your imagination as months go by.

You can get larger posters from ANA if you intend to print them out to give to your airsoft members, or have them posted at airsoft skirmish sites and retail stores. If you want to help translate to your local languages, contact them to give some translations.

Hmmm, perhaps Dr. Airsoft would like to have a photo op with them as Airsoft Medicine and ANA have the same objectives of promoting airsoft safety?

Here are the posters that you can gawk at. Just don't forget to read about the what eyewear they're wearing. Thanks to Jérémy WALTHER and ANA for such a visual campaign.

January 2011, with Cécile and Laetitia

February 2011, with Rébecca

March 2011, with Rébecca and Laura