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Beat Down Boogie Shakes Up The SHOT 2012

Tim Ellwood with Modern War Gear

With all those SHOT 2012 airsoft goodies, I was supposed to discuss about Beat Down Boogie's trip to event for the weekend, but some SHOT 2012 airsoft stories took priority. As mentioned by Tim Ellwood of No Airsoft for Old Men Blog, they were to be at Las Vegas to check out all the guns and gear that Ghost and Snake would love to take home, as they saw a "Billion Guns" there which would provide them with enough wet dreams to last them a lifetime.

The Beat Down Boogie guys were invited to the SHOT 2012 as they got sponsored by Tim's employer, Fox Fury Lighting Solutions, whose products they're testing for their latest film project, which might be the upcoming Mario Warfare. Nevertheless, reading their blog entries, they offer a different take from the usual airsoft or firearms news (including us), which they described their experience in much casual but funny manner.

They had a great time at the shooting range firing real steel weapons and at the show itself, they were able to meet Arnies of Arnies Airsoft, Scaar of AATV whom they mistook his country for the "faraway land of kangaroos and boomerangs known as Austria."

We're still waiting for Tim's report of the Airsoft Media "Meet and Greet" as it would be great to have story of having some of the most influential airsoft news sites and blogs all in one place. But it seems to be fun with Tim and Sam Chong of X-Caliber Tactical bringing all the badass custom airsoft guns they can for the meet and greet.

Lots of photos posted at the Beat Down Boogie's Blog which you can read their entries:

Beat Down Boogie at SHOT Show 2012!
Beat Down Boogie Does Las Vegas!

We wonder when they will release Mario Warfare, that's the thing we're waiting for from the very same games who brough to us Modern War Gear Solid. Hopefully, it's gonna be epic.

(All photos posted here are from Beat Down Boogie)