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Binge Watch All Season 1 & Season 2 Episodes Of Black The Web Series This Weekend

Black The Web Series Coming Back

Too cold to play outside this weekend? Then you might want to stay in doors and binge watch on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram of Black The Web Series. The series started in 2013 as a Kickstarter project by award-winning writer/director Frank T. Ziede and he contacted us during the crowdfunding campaign about this.

The series heavily uses airsoft guns as props for the series.

The series follows Agent Carnahan, a CIA Operative who began his career with the US Navy SEALs and later DEVGRU, it was initially planned as six-episode project but with plans to expand further depending on the reception and demand by the viewers. Upon completion of the first six episodes, a 6-episode Season 2 followed and went online in 2015.

With the release of all episodes for both seasons for people to watch online for free does not mean it is the end of the web series and it looks like there will still be another season or project. Ziede has partnered up with the Emmy award winning production team from Legion of Creatives and have released a promo on YouTube:

They also further confirm about future plans with this announcement on Facebook:

No further details yet on Season 3 and if it will continue as a web series or will it be snapped by the giant web streaming services such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video or even YouTube Red? We hope that it’s an even better production with a bigger budget.

For now, stay tuned.