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Build Your Dream Airsoft Gun With Weapon Blender's Gun Builder

Weapon Builder Gun Builder

I like this concept, especially it's an extra online service from Weapon Blender that helps you put together a custom airsoft gun and immediately visualising it. Sometimes we dream about our ideal airsoft gun, but we never seem to put the picture together upon waking up. And if you want to build it, you might just come up with a project that's beyond your budget, and worse, an airsoft gun put together but far from the design that you've thought about.

This gun builder at Weapon Blender's website helps you minimise those two concerns:

  1. How would such part or accessory properly fit in your dream airsoft gun; and
  2. How much each item costs, or the overall cost of your dream airsoft gun

It's still in trial form, but Weapon Blender is continuing to improve the gun builder. I gave it a go, and you can't resist but compare it to the "Pimp My Gun" website of Dr. Noob. While Dr. Noob's project is slick, what ever gun that you put together may not have all the parts available in the airsoft market. Weapon Blender's gun builder is based on parts and accessories. That are available at their online store, which means that any of these are available for airsoft use, as long as they're in stock at Weapon Blender.

The screen has 4 main sections. The list on the left side on the screen are the items that you have chosen. The main screen is the look of the airsoft gun that you're building based on the items you've picked. Below the main screen are the categories of products that you can choose from. Just click any category, say for example, Magazines, then all the airsoft magazines available at Weapon Blender will appear on the screen above the categories. You'll need to slide left or right to find the item, and upon clicking the product you want, it is immediately shown on the main screen and you can judge for yourself if it fits in the design you want. The small square screen at the bottom right shows you what category you're in and is indicated with a white glow.

Unfortunately, there's no calculator on the gun builder, giving you a running price total of the items you've chosen. You'll need to click on the bottom right screen the category which will then open the Weapon Blender website showing the products of that category and their corresponding prices. You'll have to scroll down the product list to find the product name and price. You'll then need to calculate the total manually this way.

It would be ideal if there's a calculator to help you have a running total of the products, so you can either select or unselect a product to meet you budget. If you have ordered a computer from the Dell website, that's it goes, but the Dell website does not have a screen like the gun builder. More, once satisfied with what you have built and the total price of the parts you have chosen, you can then immediately place your order. These are important if Weapon Builder has all of these features, as it makes purchasing a customised airsoft gun much easier. But it's still to make a judgement of this online service as it's halfway through.

If this service matures, this would actually pay for itself. Weapon Builder will be able to get your exact specifications to build your dream airsoft gun and of course charge for the extra service necessary to build it. And for you as customer, peace of mind by the ease of putting together a custom airsoft gun, getting the immediate gratification of seeing how exactly it will look like before it's put together, and be able to place and order for it.

Now, if most of airsoft retailers would do the same for custom service, it gives you, as an airsoft customer, the freedom to put together airsoft guns that you can truly say "it's mine."