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Cardboard Warfare? Be Ready With Your Paper Shooters

Paper Shooters

No matter how safe airsoft is, the trouble is we cannot just use it anytime we want, anywhere. We can still hurt people with eye protection, destroy some properties which has materials that cannot withstand any projectile from 280 to 400fps at full auto, and of course, they're 1:1 scale and too realistic that we cannot even use them in public and have the police coming full force with heavily armed SWAT teams.

Even the FPS shooters in video games sometimes wear off and for those who want to have their trigger fingers satisfied and without being danger to themselves and to others around them, here might be something that can be used in a party, a yard, or even in the office. Cardboard warfare sounds fun, and having these Paper Shooters would surely bring colour to some office party shootout…

…if the makers get the funding they require at Indiegogo. Nerf gun engineers have teamed up with Bang Creations in the UK, creating the Paper Shooters which can shoot paper projectiles up to 75 feet. The paper guns are AR designs but don't got semi or full auto, you'll have to cock each time you need to fire paper bullets that are loaded into shells. The shells are ejected each time the shooter reloads.

If you like the project, then you can support the creators who are raising US$72,000.00 with a deadline of raising the funds by the 19th of May.  Depending on the amount that you pledge, you get to be acknowledge by the project or get to own one of the paper shooters with the initial designs being the Digital Ops, Golden Touch and the Zombie Slayer. Each paper shooter comes with the following:

  • Plastic shape (skeleton) and all internal mechanics
  • Layer one Camo Skin (with rivets/ screws to attach to plastic)
  • Layer two Camo Skin (glues onto layer one to add significant detail)
  • 8 Gold Shells with 50 pcs of pre made 'soft splat' ammo
  • Mould to make 'soft splat' ammo from ordinary paper (never need run out of pellets)
  • Zombie head Target

To make your own ammo, they will include the mould to make you own "soft splat" ammo which can be made with ordinary paper. And with paper, your bullets are biodegradable and you don't need to purchase ammo from somewhere else --- just use the mould and make your ammo to supply an army of paper shooters.

The paper shooters can be good alternatives when you cannot find time to go to an airsoft field and play with your buddies. If you're stuck in the office, and found some time to waste, then this should be something to keep you occupied and hone your shooting skills. Just don't shoot your "unarmed co-workers" with it just to annoy them. But if they're all armed with paper shooters, then call for a cardboard battle. Just make sure you clean up the place after somebody wins or a truce is called, no use of getting fired for some paper shooting, innit?