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Ceska zbrojovka Launches The Limited Edition CZ 75 Republika

CZ 75 Republika

If you love collecting firearms and works of art, you can combine both if you have the money and connections, to collect the limited edition CZ 75 Republika pistol. This was designed as commemorative pistol in celebration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic which separated into the Czech Republic and Slovakia after the fall of the Iron Curtain.

Only 100 pieces are made so that means some it will immediately run out. We wonder of Action Sport Games (ASG) would be allowed to make the airsoft version of this given that it has the licence to replicate the CZ 75 and other CZ pistols for the airsoft market. We sure hope so.

We’ll let CZ explain more of this pistol as based on their press release:

In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Czechoslovak Republic, Česká zbrojovka a.s. is launching a limited edition pistol, the CZ 75 Republika. There are only 100 models in this limited edition, each one with top-quality hand-crafted decorations depicting motifs of Czechoslovak state symbols, and designated with a unique serial number.

Today, CZ is the only direct successor of the legendary tradition of the Czechoslovak interwar arms industry. Our company continues to promote the key ideas of the Czechoslovak Republic at the time, such as the vision of a strong and stable state needing a first-rate arms industry that will be able to fulfil the needs of its armed forces. What is more, the democratic Czechoslovakia became a country with liberal gun laws; with legally armed citizens, it saw one guarantee of its security in the spirit of a motto: A firearm in the hands of courageous defenders is the best guarantee of the nation’s freedom!

This limited edition of cutting-edge national pistols with Czechoslovak roots thus represents a dignified way to commemorate and celebrate the centenary of the creation of the Czechoslovak Republic.

The CZ 75 Republika edition is based on the all steel SA/DA CZ 75 B model in 9 mm Luger calibre, the modern successor of one of the most famous Czechoslovakian guns of all times. The frame and slide are blued and polished to high gloss, with the barrel finished in high gloss as well.

The outline of the frame and the slide is inlaid with 24 carat gold. Within this area, the surface is engraved with the motif of a linden tree branch which constituted an important element of the interwar Czechoslovak Republic national symbols. The engraving can be also found on the front and back of the grip, where it has replaced the usual vertical checkering for more reliable handling. The golden outline and the linden tree motif engraving are repeated on the bottom of the magazine baseplate.

In addition, the controls – the trigger, hammer, slide stop, magazine release and manual safety as well as their visible parts on the right side of the frame are gold-plated with 24 carat gold, as are the extractor and screws securing the anatomical grip panels that are made of briar root. The beautiful grain of this brown wood is further enhanced by varnishing.

There is also a special decorative feature in the form a small Czechoslovak Republic coat of arms used between 1920 and 1938. It is a true copy made of gold (certified by a hallmark), embedded into the right side of the frame, between the gold-plated parts of the safety and slide stop.

On the left side of the frame there is an inscription ‘PRAVDA VÍTĚZÍ’ (TRUTH PREVAILS – a motto used on the presidential standard and on the greater coat of arms) and CZ 75 REPUBLIKA in elegant Art Deco style font. The pistol also bears the traditional CZ trademark and the calibre designation. On the left of the frame, there is an inscription in Czech stating ‘Made in the Czech Republic in a limited edition of 100 models’.

On the right side of the frame, on the slide and on the barrel within the ejection port, each model is designated with a unique serial number, CSR-1918 to CSR-2018, as well as with the required proof marks. In addition, there is an inscription marking the anniversary of this edition: 1918–2018 at the front end.

Each CZ 75 REPUBLIKA model is supplied in a specially designed wooden presentation case, made of three types of wood. A linden tree branch motif is carved on the lid, encircling the Czechoslovak greater coat of arms from the First Republic. The sides of the case are covered with dark burr walnut veneer.

Inside, the case is lined with dark red microplush velvet. A portrait of the first Czechoslovak president, Tomáš Garrigue Masaryk and the Czechoslovak Republic greater coat of arms reproduced on handmade paper is mounted into the lid of the case, held open by two tricolour ribbons. The cases are supplied in black protective laminated cardboard boxes bearing the CZ logo.