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Fidget Spinners Infect Airsoft & Gun YouTube Channels

Fidget Spinner Airsoft

Fidget spinners are the latest reincarnation of stress relieving devices that young people use at school. I remember flicking my pen for stress relief when taking examinations and it keeps me calm as I solve one math problem after another (no, I’m no math wiz). Now, I see children of different backgrounds spinning their worries away everywhere, especially in schools that some schools started banning them altogether.

I prefer kids owning these fidget spinners as they are cheap devices to occupy their time rather than seeing them hunched down in front of mobile phones and tablets. If it helps them relieve their stress then get it for them, they are now abundant and really cheap.

I was about to write about fidget spinners appearing in airsoft Youtube videos and coincidentally, even The Firearm Blog has reported that fidget spinners have started to infect Gun YouTube Channels including YouTube firearms celebrities such as Kirsten Joy Weiss. I guess adults are not immune to this kiddie craze.

If it keeps them calm and be able to shoot properly, then I’m all for the spidget spinners for airsoft and firearms enthusiasts. But let’s watch some of these channels:

So far, I have not shelled that five quid to own one of these spinners, but as I see my friend’s kids enjoying and getting more behaved as they fidget spin, I would be willing to get them a spinner or two just to keep them still so that me and their parents can enjoy our time at the pub.

If you think it’s a good tool for stress relief, then have one in your pocket, in and out of the airsoft field.