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Geco Mark II Action Cam - A Glass Mounted HD Camera

Geco Mark II HD Action Cam

Many say that the best things in life are the simple things. I do agree with such and add "small" to these will just make them the "bestest" (though we also love big and complex things like tanks and jet fighters).  I always like handy devices that I can carry with me everyday that I can easily install and just forget about them while they do their thing.

The Geco Mark II Action Cam can be just one of those things. 

As more and more companies are crowding the action camera market, which makes it even better for us airsoft players for us as we have more choices than ever, Geco approaches the market with a simple concept. Make it small enough and can be readily attached to any glass.  This means that you can put it in your pocket when you don't need it and when there's a scene worth taking a video footage, pull it out, quickly install it to your glasses, press the record button, and you get to record HD video hands free.

Whether you are in the airsoft field or in city streets, Geco can be useful and can be brought along everyday. Just don’t overdo taking videos of everyone and everything you see that you'll look creepy just like those Google Glass users (thankfully, it really never got widespread acceptance even if it's a neat concept).

What Geco did was design a unique mounting system so it can be attached to any glass. The designers also created a waterproof case so it can be used under water. It weighs 20 grams so it won't put a strain on glass frames. For ballistic glasses, they got more durable frames so attaching a Geco Mark II Action Cam to one won’t be a problem.

For such a small camera body, it can record 60 frames per second at 720 and a 30 frames per second at 1080p.  The battery can allow one to record for one hour on 720p and 45 minutes on 1080p.  For storage, it can take in a Class 4 or better Micro SD Card.

I like the idea that it's an everyday use action camera, if I wear glasses all the time. In the airsoft field or any event where you need to wear eye protection, then it's not a problem. But in the streets, for those who are not wearing prescription eyewear or sunglasses, then it's better just to use the HD cameras in smartphones that we carry all the time.

The Geco Mark II Action Cam is on pre-order at US$173 though we don’t know if this U.S. price or the price from South Africa where Geco is located which you may need to factor in shipping costs.  For an action camera that can be attached to any type of glasses, the Geco sounds like a good proposition.