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Here Are The Lucky 8th Airsoft Players' Choice Awards Raffle Prize Winners!

8 APCA Raffle Winner Announcement

Whilst congratulations are being thrown around to the winners of the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards, there is also that other part of the Awards that is about the voters themselves.  For their participation in the awards by nominating and voting for the finalists, they also get the chance to win a raffle prize from the awards sponsors.

We are envious of the winners as they get to have some awesome airsoft guns and gear. They do deserve such raffle prizes though we hope we can have more goodies to raffle off next time. We just hope more sponsors would volunteer more raffle prizes for the next awards period.

So here are the lucky raffle prize winners of the 8th Airsoft Players Choice Awards (their names with asterisks to avoid their names and email addresses harvested by web spiders used by spammers):

Javier R.

Tokyo Marui SGR-12 AES

Nicolas P.
ni****[email protected]

Tokyo Marui AK-47 Type 3 New Generation AEG

Keith W.
kw****[email protected]

Tokyo Marui USP Gas Blowback Pistol

Martin K. H.

First Tactical Tactix Half-Day Backpack OD Green (From Military1st)

Angel R.
Ro*****[email protected]

Helikon Raider Backpack Shadow Grey (From Military1st)

Simon T.
(Czech Republic)

SET 1 (From Gunfire)
Specna Arms SA-A03 Chaos Grey
Gunfire Patch
Specna Patch
Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

Michal T.
mtu*****[email protected]

SET 2 (From Gunfire)
Specna Arms SA-C04 Half-Tan
Gunfire Patch
Specna Patch
Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

Lysakov A. A.

Set 3 (from Gunfire)

Rush Plate Carrier
Primal Gear Waist Bag

Gunfire Patch
Specna Patch
Specna 0.25 BBs - 1000 pcs

The raffle prize winners will be contacted to get their shipping addresses and also their requirements such clothing sizes or if there is a need to downgrade the airsoft gun raffle prize to meet local laws. Raffle prizes winners are advised that they are in charge of customs duties when the raffle prizes are shipped to the, if there are any.

Congratulations to the raffle prize winners! We hope they like what they won when their goodies arrive at their doors.

Please do take time to visit the sponsors for the awards. Without them, the awards events would not happen. Our big thanks to them for all the support to them and we hope they continue supporting the awards.



ASG APS Gunfire

Laylax RedWolf Airsoft Military 1st


Specna Arms Airsoft Atlanta Low Speed Gear Airsoftjunkiez WGC Shop

This finally concludes the 8th Airsoft Players’ Choice Awards. See you all at the 9th Edition!