Ideal Conceal: A Gun Made To Look Like A Smartphone


Smartphones are now essential tools in our everyday lives that it is unimaginable not to carry one with you. Smartphones are not only made to make phone calls, but you can do a lot of stuff that was once the realm of PCs and laptop computers. They have come indispensable that the world is now awash in smartphones, from cheap ones to the really expensive ones.

With the abundance of smartphones, someone had the idea of designing a concealed carry weapon made to look like a smartphone and thus, making it harder to spot and often ignored. If this gun is finally brought to market, you might think twice that the next person you encounter might be carrying a gun rather than an innocent-looking smartphone.

Ideal Conceal is a Double Barreled .380 Caliber pistol that folds to look like a smartphone. One needs to just click on the safety and it is ready to fire. Since it is compact, it can be neatly put inside a purse, a pocket, or clipped to the side, always ready to go when needed. With its hammerless operation, its makers say it is easy and safe to use (though not safe for the person at the receiving end).

And for quick aiming, it also comes with a laser to make it sure it is dead on target. It might not be something that you want to bring to a gun fight, but it is something that would make someone who is up to no good think twice, or realize too late that you have a gun with you.

At a price of US$395, it is expected to be available in Mid-2016. But availability in the USA is subject to local laws as other states do not allowed for concealed carry.

The idea is not new, as there have been designs for concealed carry over the years. But the Ideal Conceal design as a concealed carry weapon looks is a reflection of the times due to prevalence of smartphones, since designing to look like a smartphone makes it hidden in plain sight. As the designers say:

"Smartphones are EVERYWHERE, so your new pistol will easily blend in with today’s environment.  In its locked position it will be virtually undetectable because it hides in plain sight.”

There are concerns about Ideal Conceal in terms of home safety. Children and teenagers are attracted to smartphones, being heavy users of such. Leaving Ideal Conceal lying around the house within easy reach of young kids will put them in danger. Thus, for potential owners of the Ideal Conceal, if it ever gets to production and then to the stores, they have to keep in mind this potential hazard at home.

I don’t know if someone will take this idea and make an airsoft version and I would not even recommend it. Just like those smartphone cases that are designed to look like pistols, an airsoft version of Ideal Conceal may just put the owner in danger if he/she thinks it is a toy to be played with in public.

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