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Meet Giovanni, An Airsofter, and Here's His Story

Giovanni's Story

Giovanni Santos is 12 years old, an airsoft player and loyal customer of SS Airsoft. Giovanni is now on his second kidney transplant ever since receiving his first transplant when he was 14 months old. He has taken a passion for airsoft as it's the only sport that he can play to his fullest enjoyment since his kidney is situated up front of his body. Other sports such as basketball, football, baseball, and other sports that every American child will go through are not allowed for him as any hit in the area would cause serious damage to him. With airsoft, he gets protected with a vest, and BBs  do not have much impact on him.

Even if he had already received his second transplant through the peer donor program, Giovanni is still experiencing problems as he has to go through regular medications to insure that his kidney won't get rejected by his body by his immune system by going through regular Intravenous immunoglobulin (IVIG) and this is an FDA approved treatment for him. What this treatment does is help Giovanni continue on living despite the threat of kidney failure every 4 years or so,  as it will allow his body to accept any kidney from any healthy donor regardless of blood type or tissue match, increasing chances of finding a kidney donor without going through a compatibility process.

Giovanni always looks forward to playing at SS Airsoft in Sugar Hill, GA together with his friends. He always goes there every Friday and prefers airsoft as gets to play from 2pm up to 10pm, enjoying his weekend to the maximum. Airsoft is the only sport that can allow him to play as a kid and has developed a discipline and responsibility in playing sport. SS Airsoft and their customers attest that he is a good airsoft player and  a very nice kid.

While airsoft is one of the things that gets Giovanni going, his IVIG treatment will affect how he can play airsoft or even kit himself with airsoft gear. What we know about IVIG is that it costs around a thousand dollars every time he is treated and treatment is done from every 3 to 6 weeks which will also will wreck havoc the finances of his family.  His parents work hard for his treatment and what you can do is help Giovanni support his airsoft hobby.

Giovanni and his family will be moving to Tennessee and it's going to be a new place for him as he needs to start his airsoft hobby from scratch after making the move. SS Airsoft is helping him make this move as he will need new airsoft buddies and gear. If you have something to donate such as airsoft guns, BBs, tactical gear, and especially protective gear then they would be very much welcome such. If you're from the Nashville area, you might want to know where the Santoses will be putting up residence and try to invite Giovanni to airsoft games and make him a part of your team and meet people his age too and share a passion for airsoft.

When the video was posted, there has been a healthy response from airsoft players from Tennessee which should be a good start. But Giovanni will need the gear to start playing so if you have something that you think will be put to good use by him better contact SS Airsoft on how he can receive it. The airsoft community's support will mean a lot to Giovanni, and his parents who can devote their own resources for him to regularly have his treatment without worrying about supporting his hobby.

Watch the video below and let's get Giovanni kitted up: