MegaBot Challenges The Japanese Kuratas To A Giant Robot Duel


One is American, the other Japanese. The American one fires  paintballs, the Japanese one fires airsoft BBs. The owners of the American one want to put up a Fighting League, the owners of the Japanese one are selling it on Amazon for US$1 million. But they have one thing in common, they are both giant robots.

If all things fall into place, we might see one epic battle of the Titans. We're sure you'll want to watch this battle of the big Mechs. This is not a made for Hollywood movie that would be directed by Michael Bay, it is a real one on one battle of full metal warriors.

The makers of the MegaBots, have issued a challenge to Suidobashi Heavy Industries, the creators of the 12-foot high Kuratas, to a robot duel. The 15-foot MegaBot MK. II is armed with a paintball cannon whilst the Kuratas is armed with the Craft Apple Works (CAW) Airsoft Miniguns and A Water Bottler Missile Launcher with the pilot using a heads-up display for targeting. Even if not really armed with real deal cannons and missiles (I would love to see them equipped with Hellfire missiles and real Vulcan miniguns), seeing two massive human-piloted robots battle it out would be interesting. It's what sci-fi, mecha, and movie writers have been making for the entertainment industry, but now we'll get to see in real life battle that even military people would be interested to watch.

If the Japanese accept the challenge, then that’s where the real work begins as the challengers want it to happen in a year's time. There are logistical concerns for this duel since they need to be both transported when a fight arena gets picked. Furthermore, since both have different types of armaments, they will have to agree if they would use paintball or airsoft (or something better, like Hellfire missiles!) as their armament and how point system would be. For the makers of MegaBots, this would perhaps be the spark they need for their Robot Fighting League.

So, which you pick  to win the fight? Would you want the Japanese Kuratas where the pilot has to smile in order to fire its weapons? Or would you pick the brass American MegaBot MK. II, the bigger challenger with even bigger guns? Don’t place your bets yet, the challenge hasn’t been accepted yet. 

Now, as we pray that the Japanese accept the challenge to make this happen, watch the videos below to start making your decisions on what robot to bet on:

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07 Dec 2022

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