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Military Fashion's Impact On High Fashion

Nick Wooster of Project Wooster Interview Screencap

Does military fashion have an impact on high fashion? You bet. We are all aware that any military R&D project will always find its way into the consumer market, automotives, food tech, and consumer electronics. Though we have taken for granted some of the clothing that wear, from shirts, jackets, to that bag that we carry, there is always a great chance that some of these take their inspiration from military fashion.

It's not only the hippie crowd outside that uses military clothing, even high street brands put out designs that obviously have some military uses. I have worn some jackets made by a famous brand to skirmishes, and the US woodland pattern is one of the more famous camo patterns that we see used for street wear. And now, the Crye Precision Multicam pattern is starting to join the ubiquitous Louis Vuitton pattern.

Nick Wooster, the Fashion Director of the Neiman Marcus Group explains the influence of military fashion during Project Wooster, which is a show that showcases "his personal exploration of how brands interpret the evolution of fashion and how they adopt and mold historical references into collections that move us forward and shape the future."

"The idea of a uniform never goes out of style," Wooster says. "If you look at the greatest brands out there they always have either a lineage or a heritage of workwear or military."

"So uniforms or military to me are very sort of on the radar..."

He goes on to state that whilst camouflage are supposed to make you invisible, but he sees them as quite bold. Mixing old and new materials, in this case some of the tried and tested ones will go a long way in fashion.

There are already known tactical gear brands that design lines that will have a great purpose, tactically speaking, and at the same time will not look out of place in the general fashion sense, such as Arc'teryx and Triple Aught Design (TAD). In fact the new generation tactical gear designers may seem to be conscious in their designs that will work in both the battlefield and the high street and still look very chic. Even their pricing will even make some of the sought after fashion labels pale in comparison.

So you might just realise that when wearing your multicam pattern jacket whilst walking down Oxford Street or Rodeo Drive will make you fit in well, differentiating you from the hoi polloi. Just make sure that you don't carry your airsoft gun with you though.

Thanks to Ravishing Rick Rude for the link.