5KU La Brama Series A Metal Slides


Midweek product updates from Airsoft Global starting with these nice-looking metal slide kits made by 5KU. These kits are for the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa but didn't state what version these can fit into. The packages, apart from the slides, also have a compensator, steel recoil guide and steel barrel. Other new items are the GE Power Li-Ion battery for the VFC PEQ-15 Battery box, and the Modify Quantum Piston.

"Dear Sir,

We have got some new items released. Please kind to visit our website to obtain more information:

5KU CNC La Brama Series A Metal Slide (2 Tone)

5KU CNC La Brama Series A Metal Slide (SV)

GE Power 11.1V 1350mAh 15C Li-ion Battery for VFC PEQ-15

Modify QUANTUM Piston

Best Regards,

Airsoft Global Co"

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