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6mm TV The Cage Ep: 1: Quiet's Loadout

6mm TV The Cage Ep: 1: Quiet's Loadout

Newly launched airsoft channel, 6mm TV, announce their first episode in their "The Cage" series and it is about Quiet, the female in the group, talking about her loadout... "Happy to announce our first official episode release for 6mm TV! We're sharing to you a brief run-through of one of our lady airsofter's full loadout in our very first episode of The Cage - our guns & gears review segment.

Here, Quiet talks about the equipment, from head to toe, that usually works for her coming from both a newly minted airsofter, and a lady. It may shed some light to our comrades, old and new alike who have questions on the subject.

It may or may not work for you but, we do hope that it help you in some way."