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Airsoft Pacific CQC Challenge 2017 Video

Grounded Airsoft Pacific CQC Challenge 2017

John "Grounded" Graham reports that the video of the Airsoft Pacific CQC Challenge 2017 is now up on YouTube... "In November 2017, hosted the Close Quarters challenge. Since its last major event in 2006, Airsoft Pacific has refurfaced after 11 years with the new Airsoft Pacific's Close Quarters Combat Challenge hosted at Sniperzden in St.Paul, Oregon. Being the inaugural event there was a wide array of sponsors from:

The purpose of the CQC:Challenge is to develop teamwork and be able to achieve mission goals as a team. From breaching, breaking doors, diffusing bombs to rescuing civilians this event covered all the popular scenarios. Being the admin medic I had so much fun! Multiple camera angles to drones can be seen capturing videos. For all things Airsoft in the Pacific Northwest visit"