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Airsoft Wars Dark Dawn: Armored Fist

Airsoft Wars Dark Dawn Armored Fist

Photos and videos of the recent big event, Dark Dawn: Armored Fist, organised by the Czechs from Airsoft Wars and held last 18-20 October 2013 are now up. More evens under the Dark Dawn series are scheduled for next year... "After a successful counterattack Allied European units SAFE Isle of Man, the situation of temporarily calmed. It ran a lengthy political negotiations between the European Union and the Free Ireland to resolve the situation. EU leaders did not want war. The meeting was part of the WTC only delaying tactics, the die was already cast.

The armed forces of the Free WTC Ireland and mercenaries landed in the north of England and the Royal Air Force Base stolen nuclear missile. The stolen shot marauders sailed on Irish soil. To ensure the missiles were deployed on Irish soil SAS group that may have failed to get the shot, but during combat conflict damaged vehicles WTC and the accompanying consignments were not able to continue moving.

On the Irish coast landed Czech 42.mechanizovaný Battalion of the group SAFE. Given the seriousness of the situation with a nuclear missile was deployed in support of Operation 172.peší Brigade U.S. Army at that time hastily stationed at the U.S. military base in the UK.

The aim of this expeditionary force was clear ... provide missiles and return them back into the hands of the British kingdom.

Operation Armored Fist began..."