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Andromeda: Badass Tactical Lighting

Andromeda : Tactical Lighting

How about that? A badass looking lamp shade! Well, it does have some uses if you bring it along with you to light up your tent during a long weekend airsoft event provided you have a way to plugin to power it up. The Andromeda Tactical Lighting is made by Sketchy Design Studio which they call it to be "the world's first ever, military inspired tri-rail lamp."

With a picatinny tri-rail system as a lamp post that to hold the whole of lighting system, it's made of high quality materials that splits a 120 degrees with 3 interlocking pieces. To turn on the lamp, a barrel nut is used to serve as a switch. The legs can be adjusted to change the height of Andromeda and using an allen key to lock them into place. The "shade" are called panels and also adjustable to change the "ambient" lighting.  Heck! The panels can be reversed when adjusting and since the whole system is very stable, you can use the panels as some kind of a table to put your beer, coffee, or meal and enjoy these with adequate lighting.

Right now, Andromeda is looking for funding at Kickstarter, aiming for a goal of US$70,000 as the funding goal and already have gathered almost US$57,000 with a little over 41 days to go as of this writing. For those who want to have the Andromeda first can contribute at least US$279.00 (the 50% discount is already sold out) to get one with free U.S. shipping. Retail price when funding is achieved will be US$560. If you want anodized bolts in another colour, pledge US$299 or more.