BB2K Airsoft: G&P Transformer M4 AEG


BB2K Airsoft: G&P Transformer M4 AEG

It's the turn of Bruce of BB2K Airsoft to tell us what he thinks of the G&P Transformer M4 AEG, the AEG with a quick detach frontend... "The Transformer M4 with the ingenious quick-change system (M.T.F.C. Multi-Task Force Change) comes with a high-quality case, an 8-inch and 12-inch Cutter Brake QD front set and a Midcap magazine.

The G&P has a mosfet and an ETU, which allows you to quickly trigger. Within a minute, the front set can be changed without losing the hopup adjustment. In addition to the Cutter Brake frontsets, the Rainier Brake and the Daniel Defense frontset are available in various sizes. But now have fun with the review. Greeting Bruce"

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