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Latest update from Tiger111HK is announcement of the CAA Airsoft Division RONI-B Kit which they are giving you three options to own one: win one at an auction, buy the conversion kit, or buy it with an M9 GBB Pistol already pre-installed. Nice options you get with these. Also, they have the new Element EX328 DBAL-eMKII Laser with flashlight also in stock.

"Auction! CAA Airsoft Division RONI B M9 Pistol Carbine Conversion - Black

Start price is US$0.01.

CAA Airsoft Division RONI B Pistol Carbine Conversion - Black / DE

CAA Airsoft Division RONI B Pistol Carbine Conversion w/ M9-Black/DE/Silver & RONI G1 Pistol Carbine Conversion w/ R17-Tan

Element EX328 DBAL-eMKII Aiming Laser with Flashlight - Black


  • a visible red laser, invisible laser and flashlight (protect covers are included).
  • a clear glass lens and IR glass lens for user to change.
  • a eMDRS mount for user to attach the eMDRS (EX201) on the device.

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