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Crye Precision 2015 Product Guide

Crye Precision 2015 Product Guide

The catalog for this year's Gucci Gear, errr, Crye Precision products, is now available for free to download... "We are committed to solving the hard problems and producing the most advanced products for those operating in some of the most demanding environments in the world. We are driven by a focus on innovation, not replication. As long as there are folks willing to risk their lives safeguarding freedom for the rest of us, we’ll be here, making the best tools we can for them. And we’ll always make those tools right here in the USA.

In 2015 we are expanding into a new facility within the historic Brooklyn Navy Yard. This expansion will allow us to take our design and production capabilities to exciting new levels. In the 2015 catalog you’ll see new camo patterns, more options for law enforcement agencies, more components added to the ever expanding AVS™ system and updated versions of classic products. We’re already hard at work on many more things so keep your eyes peeled this year.

Caleb Crye
January 2015"

Click here to download or read the full product guide below: