Dual Barrel HPA Airsoft Gun Part 1


Valor Bound Studios show their Dual HPA Airsoft gun based on the CSI-XR5 AEG and powered with the PolarStar Fusion Engine... "Dual HPA Airsoft Gun, Dual Polarstar Fusion Engine in a 1st in the world CSI-XR5 Dual barrel aeg rifle build, why wait for the classic army DT4! This gun runs two mid cap no wind magazines and 2 of the red tip Polarstar Fusion Engines, the scope is centered so is the grip and both mages release with one button push. This airsoft rifle has no stock to keep it compact and is a prototype. I'll be upgrading both the internal barrels to Prometheus 6.03 and tossing in metal hopup units. The front will have twin suppressors on it.  Stay tuned for part 2 'The Shooting Test.'"

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