Ordo Airsoft's Fusion Engine Long Term Review


How long term is this long term review of the PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine by Ordo Airsoft? How about 7 years? That's how long it him to give his conclusionn on this HPA engine... "In this video, we explain our long term experience with the PolarStar Fusion Engine. We have had this setup for 7 years and the Fusion Engine has never had a single problem."

PStar V2 Fusion Engine Input Fitting


For PolarStar Airsoft V2 Fusion Engine owners, they can follow this instructional video showing how to install a replacement of the cylinder input fitting... "In this video we demonstrate how to properly replace the cylinder input fitting on a V2 Fusion Engine. We also show how we recommend installing an aftermarket IGL."

Dual Barrel HPA Airsoft Gun Part 1


Valor Bound Studios show their Dual HPA Airsoft gun based on the CSI-XR5 AEG and powered with the PolarStar Fusion Engine... "Dual HPA Airsoft Gun, Dual Polarstar Fusion Engine in a 1st in the world CSI-XR5 Dual barrel aeg rifle build, why wait for the classic army DT4! This gun runs two mid cap no wind magazines and 2 of the red tip Polarstar Fusion Engines, the scope is centered so is the grip and both mages release with one button push.

PolarStar Sniper G&G Mk12 Gameplay


Gameplay video from the Swamp Sniper wit his G&G MK12 SPR equipped with a PolarStar Fusion Engine Version 2 Gen 3... "Swamp Sniper using the Polarstar Version 2 Gen 3 Fusion Engine in a G&G CG12 SPR Mk12 airsoft DMR at Ballahack Airsoft Field. This is my first every Polarstar rifle and the first Polarstar I've ever played with. I have to say, I am very impressed. I especially love how seriously quiet this gun is when you add a foam suppressor.

PolarStar Gen 3 Fusion Engine Install


An interesting a video from Black-ARC Airsoft Team in putting together an HPA-powerd airsoft rifle. Using the PolarStar Gen 3 Fusion Engine as the HPA enghiner, this uses parts from G&P, PTS Syndicate, Angry Gun, ProWin, Lonex, Magpul, and Surefire. Find out what the finished product is in the video below.

Black-Arc Airsoft Team is a team of architects based in Southern California.

Airsoftology: PStar Fusion Engine Gen 3


The PolarStar Airsoft Fusion Engine Gen 3 gets reviewed by Jonathan Higgs in this episode of Airsoftology... "We're taking a close look at the originator of the modern airsoft HPA movement, the Third generation Polarstar Fusion Engine, to see what really sets it apart from from the rest of the HPA pack."

S2 Lightning Banjo for PStar Fusion Engine


Airsoftjunkiez now have in stock the Lightning Banjo from S2 Airsoft designed to help the PolarStar Fusion Engine more efficient in air use... "The Lightning Banjo is an upgrade part for the Fusion Engine that dramatically improves the efficiency of the FE platform by 25 to 90% more shots! Works with V2 Gen 3 and also V2 Gen2/ and Gen 1 but will require modification.

You Can Fit The Fusion Engine In...


With the competition in the area of HPA systems for airsoft getting more exciting with the entry of Wolverine Airsoft with their SMP and Valken with their V12, PolarStar Airsoft would need to up their game. Are they ahead of the competition or not? The poster they posted on Facebook shows that they are... "How many rifle series can you drop a Fusion Engine into? It may be more than you think."

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