First look at Holosun P.ID Lights By Polenar Tactical


Polenar Tactical First look at Holosun P.ID Lights

Learn about the Holosun P.ID lights in this video put out by Polenar Tactical... "We take a closer look at the Holosun P.ID line of weapon mounted lights. Once again Holosun managed to make a quality product for a reasonable price point. Žiga tries out all the models, from the standard PID to PID HC, PID Plus and PID Dual. In this short notice we weren't able to properly test the durability and reliability of these lights but we have found one subjective flaw that really sucks - these light use a double function switch where a short quick press will turn the light and a longer press will work as a momentary switch.

Now in theory this sounds ok but in practice during a clearing drill where you move and only try to momentary illuminate an area it quickly happens that your press of the switch is too shorts/fast and it just keeps your light on constant on. Now this is a problem because in real life situation this will give out your position and you also inadvertently blind yourself by pointing those 1000 lumens into a close cover.

No bueno."

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