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G&G F2000 At Landwarrior Airsoft

G&G F2000 Landwarrior Airsoft

Those who are looking into buying this AEG in the UK can now head off to Landwarrior Airsoft as they have this in stock. It is priced at £349.99... "The G&G F2000 or G2010 is finally here under official licence from FN Herstal. Featuring a one piece metal outer barrel, nylon and fibre one piece body and stock and full length metal top rail.

This version certainly seems nice and weighty and well balanced. The tan body is also a lot less offensive to look at and feel than earlier bugdet attempts by JLS. (The manufacturer and not Alan's second favourite boy band.)

This rifle also features variable fps ubnlike anything we've seen before. G&G state fps can be varied by up to 10fps using an adjustment tool to change spring tension.

  • Magazine Issued: 450 Rounds (Grey)
  • 8mm bearings
  • FN Herstal Official Markings
  • Battery: Mini (Not Included)"