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G&G CQB World Cup Qualifiers Canada

Canadian airoft players wanting to grab slots for the G&G CQB World Cup to be held in Taiwan next year can try their luck on the 3rd of November. Aventure Airsoft Lanaudiere (AAL) in Quebec will be hosting the qualifier so better register and prepare for this event... "On November 3rd, there will be a unique event in Canada, the G&G event. This event will be held at our store at 535-i rue Leclerc Repentigny.

Kriss Vector Vs Scorpion Evo vs ARP

DeltaSays does a comparison of compact or short barreled AEGs in the market today... "Hi everyone, today we are looking at the compact guns of the Airsoft World: Kriss Vector, Scorpion Evo and ARP! I wonder if you would choose which one? I'm waiting for your comments in the Comments section! Airsoft's initial guide is available on our website.

If you want to join us, let us take you here We played Airsoft with Turkish Commandos."

Airsoftology On G&G's Tech Tool Kit

Airsoftology's Jonathan Higgs features the Tech Tool Kit from G&G Armament. It is a handy toolbox that has most, if not, all the tools you need to do a repair or maintenance on you airsoft gun, especially if you're in the field. If you want one, you can get one for US$69.00. Watch the video below to learn what you can do with it:

G&G SR-Series Now In Battleship Grey

G&G Armament announce that the SR series now come in Battleship Grey and also feature the ETU and MOSFET... "Battle Tested. Combat Proven. The new SR-Series in Battleship Grey features a Generation 2 electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) with a pressure absorber. The pressure absorber takes the excess force of the trigger pull to give a quicker and faster response. Additionally, a new Generation 3 Mosfet has been updated for superior performance. Now available."

G&G ARP 9 Color Kits Now Available

G&G Armament announce the release of their colour kits for the ARP9 AEG. Some colour accents on your ARP9 would surely spruce it up a bit more... "The ARP 9 Dress-up Kit is now avaiable! Customize your ARP9 or ARP 556 with our newly colored kits available in 5 different colors. Now available at your local G&G authorized dealer."

G&G ARP 556 AEG In Battleship Grey

Come and get it! The G&G Armament ARP 556 AEG, which uses the standard M4 mags rather than 9mm-style one is now available in Battleship Grey colour scheme... "We took the popular ARP 556 and gave it some upgrades with the new ARP 556 Battleship Grey. Equipped inside the new ARP 556 Battleship Grey is a Generation 2 electronic trigger unit (E.T.U.) with a pressure absorber. The pressure absorber takes the excess force of the trigger pull to give a quicker and faster response.

AMS: G&G Combat Machine GC16 Predator

A quick look video on the G&G Combat Machine GC16 Predator by Airsoft Megastore... "G&G is a juggernaut in the airsoft industry, having put out some of the most consistent beginner/intermediate AEG's in airsoft. Their Combat Machine line, being one of their MOST popular series of airsoft guns, we decided to show some love to the Combat Machine Predator. Available now at Airsoft Megastore starting at $315 and available on both BLACK, HUNTER GREEN and GRAY."

Upi Upi: G&G Death Machine MK2 PTS

The G&G AEG with an intimadting name, the G&G Death Machine MK2 is tried out in this Upi Upi Team video. Available in Japan, this has the ETU + MOSFET that is becoming the standard feature in new G&G AEGs, this is an SBR with a flash suppressor that is of the same design as the Wild Hog Series. Externally, this has been kitted out with PTS accessories.

Rad Plastic: G&G GTP9 Pistol Review

Rad Plastic got his hands on the G&G Armament GTP9 Gas Blowback Pistol for a review. This pistol features the innovation that G&G introduced, the whirl cylinder valve made of ceramic with the aim of minimising frost buildup inside the gun and a green gas filtration system to make sure that the green gas is clean inside the magazine... "G&G mistakenly let me review this brand new pistol, shipping at the end of this year. It's neat!

AMS: G&G Battleship Gray ARP9 AEG

Airsoft Megastore goes over the G&G ARP9 AEG with the Battleship Gray colour scheme, wondering if it is the "King of the 9mm" amongst 9mm-style AEGs... "We were very impressed with this CQB beast from G&G. The slick pdw style stock and 5-in. M-LOK rail system are perfect for close quarter combat situations. It also sports a 300RD high magazine.