New G&G Armament TR16 GMS Series


GATE Aster-equipped G&G Armament TR16 GMS Series is coming your way... "The TR16 Game Master series are installed with G&G's newest MOSFET Integrated Reinforced Gearbox, integrating the MOSFET with the gearbox's design, giving more space in the stock and allowing a True Quick Change spring design.

The True Quick Change design allows you to easily change the spring by opening the rear stock and using just the included tool—no other additional tools or disassembly necessary!

RedWolf Airsoft TV's G&G MGCR 556 Review


What will the crew of RedWolf Airsoft TV (RWTV) crew say about G&G's first gas blowback offering, the MGCR 556? Hmmmm... "The new MGCR series, G&G's very first GBB Airsoft Rifle Series that will impress avid beginner Airsofters as well as veterans with its features. The aluminum billet-style upper and lower receivers not only provide a rock-solid foundation but also give the rifle a sleek and modernized look.

Intro To The G&G Armament ARP9 3.0 AEG


P.O. Channel does an intro about the G&G ARP 3.0 AEG for airsoft beginners in Japan. The G&G ARP9 3.0 is a limited edition AEG with quality materials for an economical price. It's modeled on PDW-type AR-15 designs and features a folding stock, ergonomic grip, flip-up sights, and an M-LOK rail system with attachments. Internally, it uses the G2 gearbox with a fast spring change system and an innovative ETU (Electronic Trigger Unit) for a great trigger response.

G&G CM16 LMG AEG Shooting Tests


L'Antre Du Dingo subjects the G&G CM16 LMG AEG to shooting tests to find out how it performs. The G&G CM16 LMG is a lightweight but airsoft LMG with a bipod, a large capacity magazine, and realistic dummy rounds. It offers the flexibility of switching between full-auto and 3-round burst fire, and can also use regular M4 magazines for semi-automatic fire. This allows for both suppressive fire and precision shooting.

G&G ESG B-10 Gas Shotgun At Jeidanten


Overview video by Jeidanten in Taiwan of the G&G ESG B-10 bullpup shotgun. The G&G Armament ESG-B10 Gas Shotgun, offers a choice of firing 5 or 10 BBs per trigger pull. Known for its CNC Aluminium upper receiver and high-quality polymer lower, it accepts standard M4/AR-15 AEG magazines, ensuring easy availability of spares. Despite its unique design, the ESG-B10 is accessory-ready with M-LOK slots on each side, a bottom, and a long 20mm Picatinny top rail.

G&G Armament's Evolution into Shotguns


DesertFox Airsoft introduces the new G&G ESG-10 bullpup airsoft shotgun, which boasts a durable polymer receiver and an ambidextrous design for the mag release, selector switch, sling points, and charging handle. The shotgun features a fixed aluminum carrying handle with a Picatinny rail segment for mounting various accessories such as optics, iron sights, lights, lasers, and more. It also has M-LOK mounting surfaces on the 3 and 9 o'clock positions.

Timerzanov Airsoft: G&G Armament SGR556 AEG


Timerzanov Airsoft gets to have the chance to check out the split gearbox G&G Armament SGR556 AEG... "Hi all ! Today I offer you the review of the SGR556 from G&G Armament. An M4 type replica with a specificity, this replica is equipped with a splitable gearbox, quick spring change and quick barrel change and also supplied with a programming remote control for the mosfet.

In short, an original replica that is worth the change! Good video to all!

Logan Plays' G&G CM16 Review


Is the G&G CM16 the AEG you'll ever need? Watch Logan Plays as he does a review of this AEG... "The G&G CM16 is a replica for similar M4 platform AEG's and compact enough to carry around on CQB or outdoors too. Very lightweight polymer construction but very durable and not too bad!

In this video we'll show you:

G&G Springfield M1903A3 With Custom Paintjob


Ozashiki Tactical demonstrates the bolt action G&G Springfield M1903A3 which was given a custom paintjob. The G&G GM1903 A3 airsoft rifle is a replica of the historic Springfield 1903, known for its reliability and accuracy in WWI and beyond. Just like the original, the G&G GM1903 A3 is built tough with real wood and metal parts, and delivers consistent performance with green gas or CO2 power.

The G&G Armament SGR556


101Tech, the USA arm of G&G Armament, show the new G&G Armament SGR556. This features a refined gearbox for simulated recoil and reliable performance. It features a split gearbox design for realistic takedown, programmable fire control, and an ambidextrous fire selector, making.

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