GHK AKM V3 2024 Ver CO2 At Fortress


Fortress GHK AKM V3 2024 Ver CO2

Fortress walks us through the various features of the GHK AKM V3 2024 Ver CO2 Blowback Rifle. GHK's latest AK V3 system features a real-size steel press receiver and full steel outer parts, including a double lock design of the steel outer barrel and gas block.

It has a Bakelite grip, real wood hand guard, and butt stock made of plywood. The new V3 GBB hop-up system has a quick release design, and the full steel bolt carrier and piston rod are complemented by a steel two-stage recoil spring guide for realistic specifications. The system includes two types of bolt buffers for adjustable stroke and cycle, and a standard 21mm large nozzle cylinder for strong recoil. The improved bolt carrier group relocates the nozzle guide from the cylinder to the frame, significantly reducing nozzle breakage risk. The system also includes full steel fire control parts group and a new AK V3 GBB system gas magazine that is 20% lighter than the conventional type.

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