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Hazard 4 Poncho Villa Review by Spartan AT

Spartan AT Hazard 4 Poncho Villa Review

New review from Spartan AT so fire up your online translators to read this from German to the language you prefer... "Hazard4 has ventured on a classic piece of equipment and Poncho Villa was born. The name refers to the name of the Mexican bandit and guerrilla leader Pancho Villa but has little to do with the Mexican icon.  "Villa" is the manufacturer's suggestion that Poncho Villa is a rain cover for city dwellers. This is not just a redesigned poncho, but especially it is a soft shell as well as a rain cape. The result is stylish and casual and can be worn well. But it is not a piece of equipment for the field because you're better better off with the good old poncho. If you like urban streets and also want to have a super-fashionable poncho you will be happy with the Poncho Villa and look 'tacticool'."

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