ICS BLE-PM2 Makarov NBB Sound Test


Verage Airsoft ICS BLE-PM2 Makarov NBB Sound test

Verage Airsoft tests the ICS BLE-PM2 Makarov NBB pistol if it is stealthy enough by checking the sound it produces with and without the silencer... "In this short video I want to show you the difference between the PM2 with and without silencer. And while I'm at it, one test with the XFG to show the difference.

This video is a reupload from one of my other channels. As I said, I want to bundle all my videos to one channel. But, that gave me the chance to add a small thing to the video. With every test I added the soundgraph that is shown in the editing software. It will give an indication on how long the sound is making sound. At the end of the video I added an extra shot with those sound graphs so you can compare them.

Enjoy the video!"

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24 Jun 2021

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