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Baton Airsoft M45A1 CO2GBB Pistol

Baton Airsoft show their Baton Airsoft M45A1 CO2 Gas Blowback (CO2GBB) Handgun. "CO2GBB" is also a registered trademark of theirs... "M45A1 is a 45-caliber pistol formally adopted by the US Marine Corps Special Operation Command (USMARSOC), a model equipped with under-mounting rails, no-back site, national match barrel and G10 glass fiber blip on the base 1911A1.

Airsoft South Africa: ICS BLE XFG Review

Deon Vzyl of Airsoft South Africa, and an ICS Captain as well, posts his video fo the ICS BLE XFG Gas Blowback Pistol... "Season 2 kicks off with our ICS XFG review. Thanks to Blades and Triggers and ICS for sponsoring this review item. Got a item for review ? Contact us. Welcome back guys & girls.I hope you enjoy this episode of South African Airsoft.Lets get this video to 20 Likes! Please comment with your Airsoft Questions to get props and to have it answered on the show."

VFC HK45CT Pistols At Airsoft Atlanta

The more compact HK45 with a thread for attaching silencers, the VFC HK45CT GBB Pistol, is in stock at Airsoft Atlanta... "The new HK45CT compact full blowback Airsoft pistols are here! Green gas powered, VFC made handcannons in compact form. Comes standard with a 14mm CCW threaded barrel. See the new products page for details."

Gunfire Shooting Division: XDM Takedown

A quick video from the Gunfire Shooting Division showing how to take apart a Springfield Armory XDM Pistol. Gunfire sponsors shooting teams for both real steel and action air practical shooting... "In this video our team member Piotr Łopaciński will show you hot to disassemble the XDM pistol."

BadaBingPictures: TM Glock 19 Gen 3

BadaBingPictures gives his take on the Tokyo Marui Glock 19 Gen 3 GBB Pistol which is now available in the UK... "Tokyo Marui have finally released their highly anticipated G19 GBB pistol. In this review, I go over its features, performance and throw in some of my own opinions about this latest blaster."

BB2K Airsoft: EMG SAI DS 2011

A pistol this time for Bruce in this BB2K Airsoft review covering the EMG SAI DS 2011 Hi-Capa GBB Pistol... "Again, true to the motto "the eye shoots with you", I am packing a beauty for you today. The speech is from the EMG International SAI 2011 DS Training Airsoft. This licensed Hi-Capa Airsoft comes with all SAI logos and is available in 5.1, 4.3 in black, gray or silver. Furthermore, you can choose from an aluminum or high-grade steel variant.

Mach Sakai: SIG P230JP Heavy Weight

Mach Sakai reviews the KSC SIG P230 JP Heavy Weight (Japanese, Heavy Weight). This was released in March 2009 and this magazine release is behind the mag well but now have it on the left side of the grip. KSC modified this popular handgun seen in TV cop dramas and came up with a heavy weight version. He checks it for operations, externals, and of course a quick a steel challenge.

New GBB Pistols From King Arms

An introductory video from King Arms showing their KA-PG-20 and KA-PG-21 Gas Blowback Pistols. We could have preferred an even better names for this but for the model name will do. Available in Black, Silver, and Black colours with a black lower frame, thuese are CNC'd pistols with a polyment frame. These have one-piece aluminium outer barrels and anodized painting.

ZEV Technologies O.Z-9 Pistol Reveal

ZEV Technologies reveal their first completely build handgun, the O.Z-9 Pistol. Price is at US$1,679.00 and hopefully an airsoft version will soon follow... "ZEV Technologies’ first complete 9mm pistol with everything built entirely from the ground up by ZEV. The O.Z-9 was designed and created for balance. It’s one of the first things you notice when holding this pistol.

WE Airsoft 19 T1 GBB Pistol Review

Airsoft Review en Español scrutinises the WE Airsoft 19 T1 Gas Blowback Pistol. This pistol has an under rail for weapon accessories, a lightweight metal slide, and non-slip nylon lower frame. Othe features are the luminous front and rear sighs and a flared magwell for faster reloads. This is available at most airsoft retailers worldwide.