Valken Airsoft Hi-Capa Suppressor Kit


This Hi-Capa Suppressor Kit from Valken can fit the Tokyo Marui Hi-Capa and compatible Hi-Capas from other brands... "The Valken BY HICAPA Suppressor and Barrel Kit is an airsoft gun accessory to install a suppressor onto your Valken BY HICAPA or other Tokyo Marui compatible HICAPA airsoft pistols. This mock suppressor is for airsoft only, and comes in a counter-clockwise 10mm thread.

Umarex S&W M29 Revolver & Beretta M9A3 Unboxing


A double treat from BB2K Airsoft as Bruce boxes two airsoft handguns from Umarex, the Smith & Wesson M29 Revolver and the Beretta 9A3. Also included is a shooting test... "Together with members of the GasGunEmpire Forum, I'm unpacking the brand new Smith & Wesson M29 CO2 revolver and the Beretta M9A3 FM from Umarex with you. Both run on CO2 and are a lot of fun."

Can The WE Galaxy G Beat The AAP-01?


In this unboxing video, Pheas Airsoft features the WE Galaxy G Series Gas Blowback Pistol, WE Airsoft's offering as an alternative to the Action Army AAP-01 GBB Pistol... "At long last, I managed to get the time to unbox the WE Galaxy G-Series including FPS, ROF and mag compatibility!

Come and take a look at what I thought to it and how well it performed for me!"

Timerzanov Airsoft: SIG Air M18 GBB Pistol


The more compact SIG Air M18 GBB Pistol gets the scrutiny of Timerzanov Airsoft... "Hello everyone ! Today I offer you the review of a Sig Sauer handgun replica! This is the P320 M18 Proforce from VFC! A replica of a gas M18!

The SIG SAUER M18 is the new handgun used by the United States Army in place of the Beretta M9.

"Can Gas Blowback Pistols Shoot Under Water?"


Another video showing if airsoft gas blowback pistols can shoot under water. This time it's Cisco of Airsoft GI doing the test... "Have you seen a gas blowback airsoft pistol shoot under water? We wanted to test a few different theories we had on how they would react under water and you get to see the results of those tests. Cisco has the honor of have some airsoft pistols swim with the fishes!"

AW Custom Gamme VX Overview By Cybergun


A very quick look at the AW Custom Gamme VX Gas Blowback Pistol by Cybergun... "To each his own taste, to each his own VX. There are 24 unique GBBs are available thanks to the strong collaboration with AW Custom! It uses a standard VSR inner barrel (97 mm and 91 mm) and hop-up bucking and has a muzzle velocity of nearly 280 fps with Swiss Arms' 130 PSI Green Gas, approx. 0.8 J.

KLI Dual Power Hi-Capa At Airsoft GI


A comprehensive look at the KLI Dual Power Hi-Capa airsoft pistols that are carried by Airsoft GI... "KLI has updated their Hi-Capa line with their Dual Power System! This means you can use both Green Gas and CO2 on these gas blowback airsoft pistols! KLI built these to be the hardest kicking pistols in airsoft! Can they back up this claim? Cisco is here to find out!"

Patrol Base: G&G Piranha GBB Pistol


In a more recent Patrol Base livestream, Stu presented the G&G Piranha GBB Pistol which they have in stock in the MK1 and SL versions... "The pistol is constructed from high quality materials, with a full alloy slide and polymer frame. The pistol is wobble free, with a solid design. The outer barrel is locked in place for maximum accuracy, with minimal slide and trigger wobble.

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