Baton Airsoft BT Pit Viper CO2GBB Pistol


Mokei Paddock shows the new blowback pistol from Baton Airsoft, the BT Pit Viper CO2GBB Pistol expected to be released this month. The BATON Airsoft’s CO2 gas gun BT-PIT VIPER is modeled after the gun used by the main character in JW4, with almost all exterior parts newly designed. It reproduces the full custom and comes standard with the newly developed 2011 CO2 magazine Type-NTL, which improves its actual firing performance.

ASG CZ Shadow 2 Review & Test By ASG Olsztyn


ASG Olsztyn does a review of the the ASG Shadow 2 Gas Blowback Pistol with some tuning on the side to help you get more performance. The ASG CZ Shadow 2 airsoft pistol is a well-balanced handgun designed for speed and precision. It features a heavier, angled slide for improved recoil management, deeper slide serrations, pronounced front and back grip checkering, an extended trigger guard, and new grip angle cuts. It also has an adjustable magazine catch and a stainless steel recoil spring guide.

KJ Works CZ P-09 Gas Blowback Pistol At Redmantoys


An unboxing and overview video by Redmantoys Airsoft of one of the more sought after GBB pistol in recent years, the licensed KJ Works CZ P-09 Gas Blowback Pistol. The pistol features White Dot Highlighted Iron sights, an extended slide release catch, a Hammer Disconnect Safety, a 20mm RIS/RAS Rail, a Lanyard Loop Point, and a Double Action trigger.

Golgy With The Army Armament R601 TTI Pit Viper


Golgy A Sunday Gamer gets his turn to take a look at the Pit Viper GBB Pistol from Army Armament. This licensed model has a CNC manufactured slide and compensator made of aluminium, with a secured outer barrel to avoid wobbling. The handle is made of nylon-reinforced plastic and has stippling for safe handling. It also features a 21mm rail for accessories, adjustable rear sight, front sight with light collector, and an 11mm CW thread for silencers or Tracer.

Tokyo Marui At The Tokyo Game Show 2023


The Tokyo Game Show 2023 is finally open yesterday and Tokyo Marui posted photos of their participation at the event via their collaboration with CAPCOM for the RE:4 Resident Evil game. At the CAPCOM show area, there is a shooting booth in which visitors, 18 years and above can try the Tokyo Marui SGR-09 R Gas Blowback Pistol. The design of the pistol is used in the game by the main character, Leon S. Kennedy.

KJ Works KP-01 Unboxing & Testing


We get to see the airsoft version of the SIG P226 handgun as made by KJ Works. Redmantoys Airsoft in the Philippines does an unboxing and testing of this GBB pistol. The replica is made of metal, except for the grip panels and magazine base, which are made of ABS. It has a powerful blow-back that increases realism and durability. The iron sights are marked with white dots for visibility in low light. Firing is possible by squeezing the trigger and cocking the hammer, and there is a hammer release.

Sniper-AS ICS Airsoft Hi-Capa Challenger GBB Review


Will Sniper-AS find the ICS Airsoft Hi-Capa Challenge GBB to really challenge the established Hi-Capas in the market? Watch the video review... "WOW! The ICS Challenger GBB is such a COOL AIRSOFT PISTOL! In this review we will show you the ICS Challenger GBB in more detail and also test it. We're really blown away and you? Don't miss this airsoft GBB review."

Mach Sakai: Double Bell John Wick 4 TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol


Mach Sakai tries the Double Bell John Wick 4 TTI Pit Viper GBB Pistol if it is a good pistol for better accuracy and performance for a secondary. The Double Bell TTI "Pit Viper" Hi Capa 5.1” Green Gas Blowback Pistol is a CNC Alloy constructed pistol with a sleek and aggressive design that can be used for Tactical and IPSC Competition gameplay.

CZ Shadow 2 Urban Grey GBB Pistol Demo


Airsoft Zeel in the Philippines shows the licensed CZ Shadow 2 Urban Grey pistol from KJW in this video. The Shadow 2 is a fully licensed gun with a new grip angle cut and an enlarged, adjustable magazine catch. It sits firmly in the shooter’s hand, promoting better recoil management and has a stainless steel recoil spring guide for durability. The gun comes with a fiber optic front sight, adjustable rear sight, and is powered by a CO2 cartridge located in the 26 round magazine, delivering a hard consistent kick.

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